Hunting down the cause of ME/CFS & other challenging disorders - Lipkin in London
In a talk to patients in London on 3rd September, Dr. W. Ian Lipkin described the extraordinary lengths he and his team are prepared to go to in order to track down the source of an illness, with examples ranging from autism to the strange case of Kawasaki disease.
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*UPDATED* How debilitating is ME/CFS?

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by SaveMe, Feb 18, 2011.


My ME/CFS is comparable to....

Poll closed Apr 13, 2011.
  1. a person who struggles with Diabetes

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  2. a person who struggles with Leukemia

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  3. a person who struggles with Pancreatic Cancer

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  4. a person who struggles with Melanoma

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  5. a person who struggles with AIDS

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  6. a person who struggles with Mulitple Sclerosis

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  7. a person who struggles with Malaria

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  1. SaveMe

    SaveMe *****

    the city
    I feel this is a better question than what I asked before. It illustrates the severity of this condition.
    How debilitating is ME/CFS? For me it is comparable to....MS

    If you feel I didnt list what you believe it is comparable to, then I ask that you please list a medical condition that is equivalent in your eyes.

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