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trazodone --> ambien?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by SOC, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. penny

    penny Senior Member

    Southern California
    Well, you are right! I hadn't looked up the withdrawal info in quite a while so was going by memory (which I should know better than to trust ;). Thanks for correcting me on this! I'm doubly glad because I don't want to provide misinformation, but also a close family member is on a dose closer to your mom's (for spasticity) and it'll be good information to have in case he ever needs to go off of it!

    Referencing my log (NOT my memory ; ) I did do a taper when I discontinued - 1 week at 15mg, 1 week at 10mg, one day at 5mg, then zero. So maybe that's why I didn't notice any side effects.

    And presumably Heaps doesn't have withdrawal effects because he takes it intermittently,

    I'm so sorry your mom went through that, it sounds awful :(
    Thanks again for the information!
  2. CallieAndToby

    CallieAndToby Senior Member

    I think if I could get 10 hours of sleep a night I would be able to find a lot of relief and recover some as well, but I've tried just about everything. My bladder is a major problem and ocd.
  3. Lotus97

    Lotus97 Senior Member

    United States
    Well, I gained about 30 lbs and got high cholesterol when I was on that combo of meds so I had to stop. Plus, I need SSRIs for my depression which also causes insomnia although I might try Paxil which is less likely than Prozac to cause insomnia (but more likely to cause weight gain:eek:).

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