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toxic toaster ovens?

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by antares4141, Dec 24, 2012.


How many people with cfs get flu, (conventional not flu like symptos) how often

  1. not in the 5 years I've had cfs

  2. not in the 10 years I've had cfs

  3. not in the 15 years I've had cfs

  4. yes I've had flu since I took ill with cfs within the first 5 years

    0 vote(s)
  5. yes I've had flu since I took ill with cfs within the first 10 years

  6. yes I've had flu since I took ill with cfs withen the first 15 years

  7. not had flu in over 15 years

  1. I never thought about it until I bought a convection toaster oven. I got to thinking the materials they make electric motors out of are probably pretty toxic. Than I got to thinking how the oven is made. They basically consist of an inner shell which is the oven itself, than an outer one that is the housing for it.

    The housing does a couple of things, it insulates the inner shell so that the oven can maintain a certain degree of efficiency and and also keeps users from starting fires and burning themselves.

    Where my problem is is that the fan and electronic components, (switches, timer's, thermostats, wires, transformers, wirenuts, etc.) are in between these two components. As if that wasn't bad enough the temperatures inside this area probably easily reach half the temperature inside the oven so these component's are going to out gas like nobodies business. The hope would be that these toxic fumes vent outside the oven which opens up another potential hazard.... but probably at least some minute amounts (any amount of these types of fumes is too much for me) make it into the inner shell and get smoked into your food.

    So a couple of tips if your going to use a non-convection toaster oven break it in well before you put any food in it, second don't get a convection type of oven.

    I have a picture of the innards of my oven but don't know weather your able to attach photo's at this site. Hopefully I've described the problem in enough detail that readers get the point.

    By the way not trying to bash toaster oven manufactures probably perfectly safe for the general public just that people like us can't afford the types of assault's normal people can.

    Robert Christ
  2. L'engle

    L'engle moderate ME

    I think a slow cooker we have has a bad effect on me. It smells toxic when it is on. At first I assumed it was something in the food my mum was cooking but i think it is the cooker itself.
  3. On the subjects of ovens, the full sized models that run on propane (usually) just vent into your house. Nobody thinks about it but they are not sealed, the exhaust gasses have to go somewhere. People think of unvented propane appliances as safe cause you see those unvented wall units they sell everywhere. They are specially engineered to burn the gas more completely than any range can and the stones are impregnated with platinum which is what they use in catalytic converters in cars and that's the only reason they skate past regulators. Where I'm going with this you hear about people running their gas powered range tops to heat their homes and that is probably extremely unhealthy.
  4. Oh, and also I got one of these pressure cookers:

    I love it, your not supposed to cook beans and rice and anything that makes a thick head of sticky foamy guue that could potentially clog the relief valve but I do it anyways. One drawback is it's aluminum for those that worry about it's toxicity but what I like about it is that it does not have a rubber seal it's metal on metal.
  5. SickOfSickness

    SickOfSickness Senior Member

    I don't like cookers and many cookware items because of their non-stick coating.

    I don't know anything about ovens.
  6. This is heavy duty cast aluminum no coatings. I wasn't happy about the aluminum but it would have weighed 40lbs if they made it out of stainless because of the thickness needed to make a metal to metal seal for the lid. The only other option is a rubber seal which I don't want.
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