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They call me MR. KREBS: I'm getting fruity for the Citric Acid Cycle

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Jorlev, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. dbkita

    dbkita Senior Member

    Good luck Xara and God Bless :)

    Btw how have you been feeling of late? Still making some progress?
  2. Xara

    Xara Senior Member

    The Netherlands
    Very kind of you to ask, dbkita.

    I wanted to give you a short answer, but did not succeed. Too little detail and a story doesn't do anything but raise questions, too many questions and a reader loses interest - too much detail and a reader gets tired.

    Chances are you'll get tired. :)
    In that case, please feel free to jump to my last line.

    I am not sure whether you have seen your own thread 'Anabol Dibencoplex vs Source Natural Adb12' lately, so I'll copy and paste some of it here, between the lines, so you can skip that if you have already seen it.

    After having symptoms which could indicate a shortage of methylfolate and kalium, I increased my dose of methylfolate, mB12 and
    kalium recently, I did okay for a while, increased them again, but then I got symptoms that seemed to indicate I was having shortages of
    some kind .
    One of the symptoms was: the heart skipping a beat, then coming back with a bang accompanied with a nasty I-want to-get-away
    feeling, all that was so strong it woke me up several times during the night. Others: acne, cheilitis, cold to the bone, muscle spasms,
    fasciculations, nauseous, tight and painfull muscles, extremely fatigued and extreme muscle weakness. The next day after that horrible experience with my heart during the night I decided to give my body a break and returned to the regime of a fortnight ago.
    I also introduced Cordyceps Cs-4 (brand Mushroom science).
    Next day I was really sleepy (which I was not a fortnight ago) but yesterday and today I'm doing okay, i.e normal heart, 'normally' fatigued
    and just as weak as before, some other usual things but fasciculations gone, muscle spasms less frequent.
    Coming Tuesday I had planned to introduce Ashwagandha (Jarrow Formulas). So this week I planned to be easy on methylation and focus on herbs.

    I have upped my aB12 too BTW. Taking half a capsule of AN nowadays. No problem at all.

    Today I took the Ashwagandha for the first time, I think it upsets my GI tract. It's a known possible side effect. I'll try one more day, if I sense it again, I'll put it aside. Perhaps the timing's bad (referring to my reaction to Ca and Ca pyruvate).
    In case anybody's considering ashwagandha, it worsens the symptoms of an autoimmune disease or inflammatory disease (ms, lupus, arthritis). Also it's best to avoid it when having a bunch of disorders.

    I know you're no fan of herbs, dbkita, but last week I really longed to see some progress in fatigue and weakness. The methylation... It often seems like a house of cards, and the herbs seem... Easy. :)
    Herbs usually take some time, I am keeping the Cordiceps, might even be upping it.

    This break I'm taking, this week of being on a lower dose of some of the basic methylation supplements, has been nice. My sleep's good. Still having those muscle spasms. :) I don't have them in the morning anymore, strangely enough. During the day a few, they occur more often in the evening and most often when in bed trying to fall asleep.
    Occasionally my heart's skipping a beat, but it's no longer accompanied by a nasty feeling. Still fatigued and weak of course, but not as bad as when having the induced deficiencies last week. Brushing teeth, combing hair: I don't have to rest my elbow on the nearest closet. Getting (un)dressed most of the times without shortness of breath. Moving around in the house is easier.

    In short: I am the same I was before inducing some unknown deficiencies.
    New this week:
    My muscles seem to be slightly less tight and painful.
    And I have the impression aphasia and ataxia are finally improving a little bit but it may be too early to tell.

    I'll start again working on methylation on Friday, trying to figure out exactly which substance(s) gave me problems last week after upping K, mB12 and methylfolate.
    (The last couple of weeks I had been concentrating on those three basically, more or less ignoring the rest.)

    I now have several paths to explore. I am looking forward to it, and I'm excited to learn which things will have an effect.
    Upping LCF. Upping B3. (Already started spreading out the dose of B3 and B1.) Increasing Ca intake (already started taking extra yoghurt). Upping biotin. Upping chlorine. Upping D-ribose. Introducing SAMe (I am a bit afraid though since my homocysteine was slightly increased). Upping mB12. Upping K.
    I am planning on googling creatine pyruvate, taurine, PABA, inositol and molybdenum.
    That'll keep me busy for quite some time, I fear. But I think it's wise to make sure every substance is in order before trying to repeat my two earlier, higher doses of methylfolate.

    And how are YOU doing, dbkita?
  3. dbkita

    dbkita Senior Member

    I have been doing pretty well actually. Still some ups and downs so consistency is a bit off but the ups are really good. I going to let things play out a bit more before I give a full account.

    On another note, yeah back in the day everyone and their brother threw Ashwagandha my way until my current doctor explained that was a disaster for my autoimmune disease. No wonder it made me feel like *bleep* for a year or so. And yes I don't like herbs ... .to many cross-reactions with other proteins / enzymes. Still trying to play with Yucca. Something not quite right, but can't easily place me finger on what and why, though it does help with muscle pain by virtue of ammonia processing in the GI tract.

    How much LCF are you on btw and what is your current dose of methylfolate and mb12? I would pull vitamin K out of the equation until you can see which one of the deadlock quartet is causing you issues.

    Good luck.
  4. Xara

    Xara Senior Member

    The Netherlands
    Sounds good. I'm looking forward reading the details. Since I am not reading every thread and I'd hate to miss it, would you be so kind to inform me personally via a conversation for instance, when (and where) you're more explicite about your progress?

    Interesting. I'll google it.

    LCF: 1 x 855 mg. Methylfolate: 4 x 200 mcg at least half an hour before meal (also, I'm not taking the B-complex anymore, that contained 400 mcg of mfolate but I took that one after meals, so with C and potassium). MB12: one 1mg injection every other day. Sublingual: 2 x 3 mg of mB12.

    I meant with K the symbol K, from latin kalium, in English speaking countries known as potassium. Sorry for the confusion. I am taking 5 x 540 mg of potassium, besides the 3 g via diet.

    I think it's the methylfolate that's having an impact. Last week I injected 1 mg of mB12 every day, I am only taking it now once every other day simply because I think it's waisted in the toilet when there's not enough methylfolate around and considering im injections hurt... :) I am not afraid of too much mB12. As a matter of fact yesterday I received AOR 5 mg mB12 (sublingual) ordered in the UK and I have ordered 5 mg mB12 (1 ml ampoules) in Germany to be injected. Next time I'll be taking 4 x 400 mcg of methylfolate I want to make sure to get lots of mB12.

    I have read b12 injections may lower calcium levels. Calcium deficiency gave me nocturnal cramps once. Maybe my muscle spasms (and heart problems) have something to do with calcium. Maybe upping Calcium should be my first priority. Maybe splitting the Thorne capsule (160 mg of elemental calcium) will improve tolerance.

    Anyway. Thanks for reading and thanks for the information, dbkita. I hope things will become more consistent, I hope your downs will be replaced with very good ups.
    Good luck!

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