1. Patients launch $1.27 million crowdfunding campaign for ME/CFS gut microbiome study.
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Hunting down the cause of ME/CFS & other challenging disorders - Lipkin in London
In a talk to patients in London on 3rd September, Dr. W. Ian Lipkin described the extraordinary lengths he and his team are prepared to go to in order to track down the source of an illness, with examples ranging from autism to the strange case of Kawasaki disease.
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The ME/CFS Stigma

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Phoenix Rising Team, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Snow Leopard

    Snow Leopard Senior Member

    Hey, you gave me a chuckle. :)
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  2. Mjmouser


    Only someone who actually is a fellow sufferer could have written this article; thank you, Carol. P.S. If anyone is in Santa Barbara, see Jeff Polito, M.D. (Patterson). It's not that he knows alot, but HE CARES AND HE LISTENS AND HE TRIES AND HE ADVOCATES. He is wonderful.
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  3. kauri


    It is just too much to ask of each on of us, sick as we are, to repeatedly try to counteract the willful ignorance of the people in our lives. This illness is far too complex to easily explain. And we shouldn't have to. There are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientifically controlled studies finding serious abnormalities. It is no longer debatable.
    This is why those responsible for educating the public on health issues need to be held fully accountable. Their silence is literally killing some of us, and the stress alone is a health hazard. (A recent study shows that people with ME/CFS develop fevers under stress.)
    If anyone would like to add their voice in support of a petition to make this happen, there is a one question poll at the beginning of the thread "Our Stories of Stigma and Support". It would be great to have your input. Thanks.
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  4. Enid

    Enid Senior Member

    Great article on this awful situation - thanks Carol. Quite complex history - untrained Docs where their simple testing reveals nothing so it must be "all in your mind", and non professionals likewise looking for a single name not a list of symptoms - they reinforce each other.

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