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The Anxiety thread

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Tia, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Victoria

    Victoria Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia

    I used to dread going to bed 5-6 years ago. I also was in a constant state of anxiety & stress back then.

    No matter what time I went to bed back then, I would always wake up 2 hours later in extreme pain (mainly bowel/stomach pain). It would last for 4-5 hours. Sometimes I contemplated getting up, dressing & calling a taxi to the local hospital emergency dept & asking for a shot of serious pain killers. After a couple of hours of this excruciating pain, I would wish I was dead. I would drift off to sleep out of sheer exhaustion, just before the alarm rang for me to get up to get ready for work.

    I would be so exhausted that I knew I wouldn't be able to think straight & would ring my boss & leave a message that I would be late for work. I then lay down to get a few more hours sleep & would arrive at work at 10-11.00am. But 2.00pm my back pain would be so severe that I would sometimes have to leave work & get a taxi home. (Can't remember how I kept up with my workload back in those days).

    Then I started getting up & writing a diary in the early hours (waiting for the severe pain episode to run it's 4-5 hour course). This writing down (what I was thinking & feeling) not only passed the time, but gave me a 'voice' to express my frustration & anger.

    Even though I knew that each nightly episode would be over in 4-5 hours, I dreaded going to sleep.

    It must have been about May 2006, that a muscular/skeletal specialist who was doing the nerve blocks on my spine who finally diagnosed Fibromyalgia & my GP presecribed Amitryptiline to help me sleep. I DID sleep much better after that, but it wasn't the whole solution to my problems. Note: I had already been diagnosed with IBS back in 2004. And had been diagnosed with severe spinal disc disease also.

    I must have written about 300 pages of misery & anger over a course of about 2 years. I was thinking about transcribing it into a book at one stage (but the thought of re-reading all those words was depressing in itself LOL).

    Unless you can resolve your anxiety, or reduce it to a manageable level, your physical symptoms are not manageable either.

    That's my theory.

    You have to treat the mind as well as the body. They are totally interconnected.

    I cannot stress enough how resolving your mental health is of the utmost importance.
  2. Tia

    Tia Senior Member

    Interesting because when I used to sleep long periods at a time I got anxiety. I just knew it was related and now there are others out there thinking the same! :O

    Victoria: I've written a journal for 21 years to. :)
  3. sleepy237

    sleepy237 Senior Member

    :hug: hey Tia, I don t know how i missed this thread been reading the forums long enough. I've had anxiety since onset, its a reaction to the symptoms and the illness as a whole, the future, the life i had turned upside down the full package. You've had some great replies here already mentioning the Dr Claire Weekes books EFT etc.

    Guided relaxation is also good and I believe that breathing is the most/only control we have over the autonomic nervous system. I have breathed myself out of panic attacks before they can fully escalate so it does work IMHO.

    Great contribution to forum Tia , hugs speak soon ~Sleepy

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