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Thank you everyone

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Scoobieworld, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Scoobieworld


    Just to say I've been reading your threads and your advice has helped me so much. I'm in uk and feeling progressively worse last 4 years. Thought I'd try your MYTHR protocol and yesterday introduced

    Now sunflower lecithin
    Thorne bcomplex #12
    Milk thistle

    And today I feel full of beans, done soooo much even cleaned some of the house!!!

    Just a couple of questions........Can I expect to carry on feeling like this?? Is there anything else I should introduce into my protocol???

    Thank you so much for this site and everyone who generously posts all their advice on here, just to have a day that I feel normal has been incredible. Thank you
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  2. JaimeS

    JaimeS Senior Member

    Silicon Valley, CA
    I'm so happy for you @Scoobieworld !

    The B-complex has made an enormous change for me as well. You can expect that you will keep feeling 'better' for a long time, though the novelty of being able to move around at all may wear off and 'low but kinda okay' energy may become your new normal.

    I haven't had experience with lecithin, but I've heard around the boards a few good stories about it.

    Milk thistle is something I take only under certain circumstances ('poisoned' feeling after food intolerance issues arise). It helps in those circumstances, though.

    It's always great to hear that someone is doing better, and it's marvelous that PR helped you learn some OTC things you could take that helped. :D

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  3. Deltrus

    Deltrus Senior Member

    The b complex and lecithin both improve methylation. Lecithin has choline in it which is a methyl donor. Try adding zinc 30 mg with meals, and magnesium citrate 200 mg/ day.

    Zinc and magnesium both improve the speed at which the methylation cycle functions, at the same spot as b12 and lecithin.

    You can expect the change to last probably, but wait a week or two before you get excited.
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