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Tetanus shot side effects related to CFS/ME?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Junior, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Junior


    I am feeling the effects from a fall and possibly the tetanus shot when days after getting the shot. Or possibly from the gash, blood in my sclera and eye bruise/headtrauma..

    I am severely dazed and fatigue (worse than normal).

    About vaccinations/immunization shots;
    Has anyone gotten CFS /ME or worsening th2, immune response from immunization shots/vaccines?

    Does effects of shots take days or even weeks to kick in?
    If so,
    How did you rectify the problem of CFS/ME from the toxcity of these immune shots?

    Should I be concerned?

    I am barely functional right now but to explain what happen; I got a tetanus shot in the hospital from a fall (hit head on bath tub edge) which I've read activates my immune sys., has organomercury/aluminum. I potentially need to detox heavy metals. Well, now for 4 days straight; I have been feeling dazed, fatigued more than normal (when i already have CFS.. and a blood in my sclera from my head hitting the edge of the bath tub which got me the gash and tetanus shot in the first place.

    My psoriasis is worse and can retain information while at school.

    please help

    thank you
  2. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem Senescent on the Illinois Prairie ❀❤✿Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ✿❤❀

    Midwest, USA
    I have had a couple of tetnus boosters since I came down with ME/CFS and have not had any problems. That doesn't mean you didn't, though. Different people react differently to things.
  3. charles shepherd

    charles shepherd Senior Member

    I've attached some general information below on how vaccines, including tetanus (see MEA website poll below), can occasionaly trigger ME/CFS, and may also exacerbate pre-existing ME/CFS

    Tetanus jabs can also cause flu like side-effects (feeling unwell; muscle pain; headaches and fever) and adverse reactions in fit healthy people

    If your current exacerbation of ME/CFS symptoms is vaccine related I'm afraid there isn't anything specific you can do

    Management is really along the lines of any relapse/symptom exacerbation in ME/CFS - take things easy, pace your activities very carefully etc etc

    However, it sounds as though you have had a fairly significant traumatic episode - which can also cause a relapse or exacerbation of ME/CFS symptoms

    Or it may be the result of the trauma and the tetanus vaccine…..

    General information on vaccines and ME/CFS

    Anecdotal evidence indicates that a number of vaccinations are occasionally capable of either triggering ME/CFS, or causing an exacerbation of pre-existing symptoms, and the UK CMO Working Group report acknowledged (in section 3.3.2) that vaccinations can occasionally act as a trigger factor in the development of ME/CFS. The CMO report can be e-accessed using the document archive on the MEA website:

    The link is biologically plausible but there hasn't been any really robust research carried out to investigate the role of vaccinations as immune system stressors in the causation of ME/CFS.

    Two fairly recent published reports of interest relate to an MHRA review of HPV vaccine (Cervarix) and ME/CFS >>

    and two case reports re Swine Flu vaccine and ME/CFS:

    I have a longstanding interest in the role of vaccinations in ME/CFS and my patient evidence on the subject, which is now quite substantial and includes a number of health workers who were vaccinated almost as a condition of employment, indicates that hepatitis B vaccine appears to play an unusual and significant role here

    This is supported by the results of the MEA website poll on the roll of vaccinations as trigger factors for ME/CFS (see below)

    The MEA has an information leaflet which summaries the research evidence relating to vaccinations and ME/CFS.

    Similar information is summarised and referenced on page 41 of the MEA purple booklet.


    • If your ME/CFS was triggered by a vaccination, which vaccine was involved?
      • Hepatitis B (57%, 338 Votes)

      • Flu (9%, 51 Votes)

      • Other (7%, 41 Votes)

      • BCG (6%, 33 Votes)

      • Cannot remember (5%, 31 Votes)

      • Combination (5%, 27 Votes)

      • Tetanus (3%, 18 Votes)

      • Meningitis (3%, 17 Votes)

      • MMR (2%, 14 Votes)

      • Polio (2%, 10 Votes)

      • Hepatitis A (1%, 7 Votes)

      • Typhoid (0%, 4 Votes)

        Total Voters: 591
    Start Date: April 30, 2010 @ 3:20 pm
    End Date: June 2, 2010 @ 3:20 pm

    Dr Charles Shepherd
    Hon Medical Adviser, MEA
  4. daisybell

    daisybell Senior Member

    New Zealand
    I've recently had a letter from my doctor to say I need a tetanus booster... so far I haven't done anything about it because I don't know what to do for the best.
    I live in the country and often have cuts and scrapes - but am I really at risk if I don't get the jab?
    I'm feeling not good at the moment anyway and I really don't want to do anything that might make me feel worse...
  5. Mij

    Mij Senior Member

    @daisybell my doctor has been after me to get the shot when I see her for my yearly physical for several years now. My answer is always- no. I am not stressed out about it. She explained to me if that we get tetanus there is no treatment/cure, therefore = death. So know that much and you can decide.

    I have a feeling she will be suggesting a shingles vaccine soon, and my answer will be- no. My understanding is that the shingles vaccine does not prevent us from getting it, it just lessens the symptoms. It is not recommended for people with weakened immune systems.
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  6. digital dog

    digital dog Senior Member

    I heard from a doctor that if you cut yourself and blood is flowing freely from the wound you will not get tetanus. Is this correct or even partially correct?

    I've just come back with my family from Goa. None of us had vaccinations. It was a tough decision.
  7. Valentijn

    Valentijn The Diabolic Logic

    I really would not bet on it.
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  8. digital dog

    digital dog Senior Member

    Charles, Just a quick question if you dont mind me asking:

    Would you be happy for your children (I'm not sure if you have any)to be vaccinated? Would there be any vaccinations you would consdier avoiding if you had/have children?
  9. Mij

    Mij Senior Member

    @digital dog

    Tetanus cases have developed from the following:
    • Puncture wounds — including from splinters, body piercings, tattoos, injection drugs
    • Gunshot wounds
    • Compound fractures
    • Burns
    • Surgical wounds
    • Injection drug use
    • Animal or insect bites
    • Infected foot ulcers
    • Dental infections
    • Infected umbilical stumps in newborns born of inadequately immunized mothers
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  10. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA

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