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Taking Adderal, Ritalin or Concerta for Cognitive problems?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by BEG, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. HopingSince88

    HopingSince88 Senior Member

    Thanks for the details, Katja. I may try this med again.
  2. oipemowell


    Portland, Oregon
    I dont know if anyone will respond to my post here, but Dan I think I agree with you. I have a good friend who has had CFS for 4 years now. The only way he gets out of bed is with Adderall. He keeps telling me get it, cuz it would give me more energy. My brain function is fine (due to staying on an anti-candida diet for 15 years), but I need ENERGY!!! My adrenal function is low, I supplement with low dose hydrocortisone. But if I take a stimulant, as you mention Dan, I think you are whipping a dead horse. I dont think this is a good route for me, not to mention reading all the side effects. Dont need more of those! I just met a fabulous man, amen, and wish I could make my legs GO. But I dont think this sounds like a good option.

    Im working with methylation vitamins, via Rich's protocol....slow process, but I guess that's my only hope right get that methylation cycle up and running. A more natural and helpful thing to do for the body than whipping it with a stimulant.

    Any comments or feedback would be appreciated, just so I dont feel alone out here in the CFS desert. all you fellow sufferers. So glad we can connect up here to share and care. Yeah for the internet, and thanks Cort for all you do, as usual.

    Donna Marie
  3. glenp

    glenp "and this too shall pass"

    Vancouver Canada suburbs
    I take dextroamphetamine. I think it helps me as a vaso drug - its one that Dr Rowe uses for dysautonomia. I have been taking it for a few years and have cut my dosage down by about 2/3. I used it several years ago more as a stimulant when I was nodding off at the wheel and various other places. I no longer need it for that so have cut back. I take the sr form. I take one when I wake up and stay in bed sitting up for an hour before I get up - I take another half before noon. It definitely helps me if I follow that procedure

  4. BEG

    BEG Senior Member

    Southeast US
    Very interesting glenp. I'll ask my doctor about that one. I have gained more experience with the adderal. It definately makes my brain sharper on those super-foggy days. Not to worry about sleep interference or getting too agitated, I now know how many beads to sprinkle on the applesauce. If I use too much, I get a false sense of physical energy and I want to get up and keep doing. As with many of my meds, I take the dosage that is comfortable for me, does the job, and I take as needed. Thanks to all for some interesting discussion.

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