Hunting down the cause of ME/CFS & other challenging disorders - Lipkin in London
In a talk to patients in London on 3rd September, Dr. W. Ian Lipkin described the extraordinary lengths he and his team are prepared to go to in order to track down the source of an illness, with examples ranging from autism to the strange case of Kawasaki disease.
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Swine flu treated with IV Vit C

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by antherder, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. antherder

    antherder Senior Member

    An interesting case here in New Zealand (click on the "living proof" heading);

    If you have a crappy computer and a matching crappy dial-up connection like me and so can't view videos on online, the basics are;

    A man who contracted swine flu was on life support. The hospital wanted to switch him off. The family wanted the doctors to try intravenous Vit C. The docs refused. The family had to get stroppy. The man improved. Dramatically. When he was transferred to another hospital, the doctors there refused to continue the Vit C treatment. The family had to get a lawyer.

    The man is alive--and well--today, because he had his family looking out for his best interests. The hospital still refuses to acknowledge that the Vit C saved him.

    Unfortunately, the article doesn't go into the science behind Vit C, but I know there has been lots of research done.

    Just wondering if other cases like this, in other parts of the world, have been reported by the media?

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