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Stool test confirmed candida,now what?

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by Steve-22, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Steve-22


    Hi GP!

    I don't come across too much people sharing the same problems as I do so this makes me feel a bit better that we can put our heads together and figure out something to help alleviate this state.

    I do think this is a combination of chronic systemic yeast infection,mitochondrial dysfunction and methylation problems.

    Yes,I've been growing up in a house that had moldy rooms.
  2. Lou

    Lou Senior Member

    southeast US


    This Lufenuron seems almost too good to be true. Just wondered if you or anyone you knew had tried it. The anecdotal stories, while interesting, reassuring, prove nothing.

    Having said that, think I'm going to order some, perhaps be the forum guinea pig. Will report what comes of it.
  3. Philla


    Hi again,

    to be honest I have had chronic urticaria intensely from age 16 to age 22, exacerbated by exposure to chlorinated water like in swimming pools. The eruptions were so painful at times my whole skin was burning and itching severely. Due to this I avoided all swimming pools like the plague for five years. The period where I drank a lot of green tea was also bad in terms of severity of the skin eruptions. I never connected the dots then, and since I chose to not follow advice from clueless dermatologists (giving strong steriods as "band-aid"), I silently fought on in my quest to find the etiology of my symptoms, while the hives remained a mystery for quite a few years. Inability to break down histamine and faulty methylation also plays a part here I think.

    Given my methylation SNP, I can easily understand that I have a "detox bottleneck", but it will not necessarily explain why the hives would get more severe in direct exposure to halogens. I have lately gotten into Iodine supplementation and strangely enough, after weeks of Orthoiodosupplementation (with companion nutrients, as described in compendium), I notice this reeking and strange body odor. This is classic sign of bromide toxicity. So needless to say, IMHO I strongly suspect Halogen imbalance as a part of my "health equation". From "testimonials" online, I get the impression that unloading of halogens could last for a while. The competing halogens will cling to iodine receptors in the thyroid, interfering with iodine uptake.

    Another area to explore: If exclusion of chlorine gave you relief and you can't recall being exposed to fluoride, "PST Enzyme" (Phenolsulfotransferase) could also be a culprit. In the DAN (defeat autism now) community, many parents report that their autistic children get red ears and rashes after swimming. Not sure whether you actually had this, or just felt tired and fatigued after swimming.

    The PST Enzyme is tied to the transsulfuration part, since it needs sulfate to function correctly. So this also point towards faulty methylation :). This link provides a "case study":

    http://healingautismandadhd.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/swimming-brings-him-to-tears/ (I am not sure if the symotoms mentioned describe what you have experienced though..)

    Given your profile (COMT ++) you should be careful with methyl donors, so I understand your conservative supplementing strategy. However it could be beneficial to include a well rounded b complex to see if that could relieve you from the fatigue (by giving your starved mitochondria some fuel :) ). http://www.iherb.com/Thorne-Research-B-Complex-12-60-Veggie-Caps/18126 has equal parts of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, and has ample amounts of b2 and b3 as well. If you do want to explore Iodine, this supplement would aid absorption of it. I am currently researching a lot here..

    Although I feel that methylation should not be kickstarted, and it would be wise to take small prudent steps working out diet and gut/dysbiosis issues before upping the methylfolate and b12, I personally feel a huge relief when I take a co-enzymated B complex (providing methyl- or phosphorylated versions of B's). My mood gets brighter and food cravings disappear for instance. So this is a 'staple', dysbiosis or not ;)

  4. globalpilot

    globalpilot Senior Member

    Is it worthwhile to you for me to outline all the things I've tried and tested for over the years ?

    I do wonder about that mold - are you still exposed to it daily ?

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