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steroid eye drops-flurometholone adverse reaction question

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by xrayspex, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. xrayspex

    xrayspex Senior Member

    Hey I was suffering from frequent headache/migraine full body pain attacks increasingly the last year and finally patiently tried gabapentin over the last few months in verying small doses and was getting relief 98% of time from fullblown pain attacks--even tho I dont like some of side effects of gabapentin it was a work in progress

    Last week eye doc prescribed fluorometholone eye drops for my dry eye/corneal abrasions (sjogrens) to take for 6 wks in decreasing amounts and initially for first few days I felt better, it was subtle, not like awful prednisone I tried once last year, and from like sun to wed I felt slightly better energy wise but then it suddenly seemed to block the gabapentin and this weekend I got headache/pain attacks--stopped the eyedrops friday. i was taking them 3x day, took it like once on fri cus not sure if can cold turkey but I dont want to take drops anymore even if cold turkey, because i cant afford a flare up right now. I bookd a trip next wkend for aweek because I was confident from gabapentin knocking back headaches but now I dont know how much I have been set back by the steroid eye drops if will be ok by next weekend.

    I dont think most docs would suspect these drops of being high risk for systemic effect but I have incredible MCS. at first i was thinking they might be a good form of steroid for me to use occasionally to help autoimmune aspect; maybe if i hadnt taken them 3x day but started out cautiously something could have been worked out. But I couldnt tolerate like 3 days of flonase when tried it in past, it was like meth or something to me (not that I ever tried that) felt manic and agitated on it after couple days of feeling much better.

    does anyone have any experience with steroid eye drops and MCS and any antidotes? I am hoping the gabapentin starts working like it was soon.

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