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SNPs & hormones connection

Discussion in 'Hormones' started by ninauae, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. ninauae


    I would like to find connection between hormones and SNPs result connection.

    My Cholesterol is 180 and sometimes I think now may be my problem is with hormones metabolites enzymes i.e p450ssc, p450c17, 17,20 lyase. 17-ketoreductase, 3-DH, 5areductase, 3b-DH-isomerase, p450c17, 17,20 lyase, 17-Keto, aromatase and all factor to metabolize cholesterol hormones. I did recently home sulfur urine test strip to see my sulfur but range was low below Indicator to Detect Sulfite Quantofix 100 Analytical Strips.

    Usually with Yasko or 23andme reveal one B12,B9, Serotonin, and CBS which relates to sulfur. To sythese hormones from Cholestrol we need lot of cofactor which are describe above but to check these enzymes as their any test available.
    Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD - Tahoma Clinic and director of Great plain lab explain all these but still looking for more detail as I am confused with all these testing.

    Looking forward for answers and thank you.

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