Invest in ME Conference 12: First Class in Every Way
OverTheHills wraps up our series of articles on this year's 12th Invest in ME International Conference (IIMEC12) in London with some reflections on her experience as a patient attending the conference for the first time.
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SMCI Research Webinar now available on Youtube

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by Emily Taylor, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor

    Los Angeles, CA
    Yesterday's webinar, "Progress and Challenges in ME/CFS with Zaher Nahle, PhD, MPA" is on Youtube and available free to view. The webinar addresses upcoming research in depth.

    If you have additional follow-up questions for Dr. Nahle, please e-mail them to with "Webinar Question" in the subject line.

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