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Sick After Blood Draw?? Need Advice

Discussion in 'Post-Exertional Malaise, Fatigue, and Crashes' started by hope love light, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. hope love light

    hope love light

    East Coast, US
    Hi All,

    Went to the GP today and feel sick as a dog after the blood draw.
    She only took 2 vials of blood? Does anyone else have this awful reaction?

    I know I have not been out and sitting around talking waiting for the blood
    made me all sweaty.... my back was all sweaty just sitting there.

    But is this normal, is it blood loss and Im just so dehydrated that I
    can't give any?? Is it blood sugar issues?

    This is starting to freak me out last time I did blood work I ended going
    to the ER for the Saline IV... Does anyone else feel so bad after blood work??

    Thanks guys,
    Hope Love Light
  2. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    Hi hope, I have heard of this, you are not unique, but I do not know what the solution is. Certainly increased fluid intake would help. In this particular case, even though I am against the product generally, you might like to see if something like Gatorade will help - fluids, salt and sugar combined might give a temporary fix. I would also be interested to know if you are are a little anemic, something you might like to ask your doc next time.

    Just to be clear, the best time to take the fluid would be before you give blood, with more after if you get a reaction. I do see why a saline IV would help though.

  3. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    I used to have this routinely. Now I have learned how to prevent it. One, I have hypercoagulation which makes the draws harder. So I take a triple dose of nattokinase the night before. Then I drink hot water with electrolytes in large amounts before the draw. Try to stay very warm (wear a jacket in the car and keep it warm to plump up the veins), sometime I take hand weights to the clinic and "pump iron" while I am waiting--also plumps up the veins. Then I insist on lying down for the draw and them using a butterfly needle, a pressure bandage afterwards. and, if necessary have them put a heat pack on the vein before the draw.

    I get a vaso-vagal reaction cause my veins are very small and roll when someone tries to stick them. The vagus nerve can misbehave and make you feel terrible. I also take snacks and fluids for recovery (bananas are good) and don't leave the clinic till I feel fine again.

    What a trip! :D

  4. L'engle

    L'engle moogle

    :(Me too, Hope! I feel like I need more recovery from a blood draw than a healthy person would from minor day surgery. I as well take snacks and fluid and lie down, then wait for a long time before getting up and leaving afterwards (luckily they have never needed the room in my experience). But honestly, I hate it!
  5. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Im with what the others have all said. Load up on fluids just before eg really start increasing them 30mins before and keep it sipping something till you have the blood drawn, (if fluid goes throu your system as fast as it does my own.. you really need to be taking a lot more just before).

    Remain laying down for a little while after blood is drawn to add recovery.

    Its probably the combination impact of several things which is leading to you having issues with this.. not enough fluid in body, stress of the blood draw .. and the stress on your body at having just to go out and leave the house and be upright.

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