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shocked by what hubby and counselor said at my vist and sad : ( any advice?

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by hurtingallthetimet, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Gavman

    Gavman Senior Member

    You have every right to disagree with your counsellor and husband about those things. Its funny but generally with counsellors if you say: I am not willing to discuss that option, i want to focus on this, alot are quite helpful but when i've felt weak and drained i haven't had the energy to. That said, i like psychologists(not cbt), nlpers, etc better for the fact that they focus more on root cause and less talk therapy. Also meditators and breathworkers go well. - As there are alot of physical symptoms for this, sometimes working through physical therapies can help.

    I disagree snow, only in the fact that more qualifications doesn't mean a better therapist, psychology seems to go better as a word of mouth business.
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  2. Googsta

    Googsta Doing Well

    Hurting, it is clear that you cannot move forward until you address the hurt your husband caused.
    It is often necessary to be forgiving of others especially when they are under pressure, in pain etc. But when you are unable to let it go it is time to sit down & address the person who hurt you.
    Neither my husband or I could imagine being this upset with each other without sorting it out asap.
    Even if he does not fully grasp what he did to hurt you, it is important to let him know how deeply you were hurt & that you do not appreciate the comments made, especially in front of a third party.
    Good Luck, X0
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  3. K2 for Hope

    K2 for Hope ALways Hoping

    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    Prior to becoming ill, I went to many different counselors and like Dr's some are good in one area, but not so educated in another.

    Also, I am not married, but my 33 yr old son moved in several years ago to help me. He said something to me recently which really hit home.

    He said, "Mom, I know you are sick, but sometimes I need a break from hearing about all your issues cause I can't fix it and it is stressing me out. I am doing the best I can and have my own issues and it's getting to be overwhelming. Men like to fix things, not talk about them. So, when you want to talk about something I cannot fix, it's frusterating. I wish you would just tell me you are happy beng alive and having this house and appreciate the things I CAN fix/do. It would make me feel better about helping."

    I wish you to be well(er), happy and peaceful.

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  4. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane


    Hi. I agree with everyone when they say it's time to seek a new counselor. I think someone mentioned finding someone who is experienced with your condition. A true counselor listens more than they talk and is respectful of one's feelings. I used to be a mental health counselor. :hug: I'm sure you'll find a counselor with a compassionate heart.

    And as for your hubby; maybe he's just stressed about the illness itself and doesn't know how to vent without being a little hurtful. Do you have relatives or friends who can help out with the kids or take you to appointments, etc.? A support base helps out a lot with the stress. Trust me.
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  5. 5150

    5150 Senior Member

    Your situation sounds very intense and hurtful(harmful)to you. i hear you and am truly sorry for your pain, as all of us are into this hurting life on some level.

    one thing you said struck me deeply. you must take morphine in order to be able to walk about the neighborhood with your daughter? that is extreme devotion on your part to go unrecognized by the counselor. if that is the level of understanding being shown to you,I certainly would ditch that person who is doing you no good at all.

    yes, find another more advanced in their field, if you can. I wish you the best .
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  6. hurtingallthetimet

    hurtingallthetimet Senior Member

    thanks again everyone the advice replies and support mean more than youll know...ive not cried today which is good, first time since this all happned...i guess im starting ot get over the hurt from the way hubby acted..but ive not talked to him about how i feel and stuff today very very exhuasted been in bed all day...and not feeling well...miss talking to him since he was only real live person i could talk i do miss that

    as for the conselour ive seen her so long and its all overwhileming to find someone i can drive to etc...alot of things involved in finding a new one as many know when its hard to...its something im looking into lucky i at least have a great general doctor that understands and knowledgeable in these illness i know alot of people dont even have that and it seems hard to come by so im blessed for that reason...

    i just feel like im repeating myself not understanding why theese illness are treated like they are...why when we push and do somethng we arent congradulated and encouraged....maybe im just uneducated about these illness...maybe theres some history conected to them that i dont understand...that makes doctors unknowledgeable or unwilling to acknowledge how ill we are...i so wish that these illness would be treated as seriously as they are maybe more poeple would be helped then...i feel sad for everyone who has to deal with being so ill and then have to be belittle and looked down on for being ill....
  7. PhoenixDown

    PhoenixDown Senior Member

    Next time take a video camera with you, press record, and ask her to scientifically justify her insult (acknowledge the fact that she has good intentions but is misguided). Ask her how she KNOWS you are merely wanting to "play the victim" rather than having a serious illness.

    If she refuses, ask her why she's breaking trust by refusing to justify her reasoning on record.

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