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severely low hemoglobin, hematocrit and ferritin, no help from PCP

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by oh_noes, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. oh_noes


    London, UK
    Hi everyone :)

    I've been away for ages because I've been quite sick, and still am, so apologies for being so antisocial when you've all been so nice to me. I have recently started on the Yasko protocol but have not had the genetic testing yet. One thing I have been tested for, however, is the full blood panel, of which they are numerous abnormalities. The PCP would not discuss it with me, however, so I am unsure what else is wrong besides the anemi: hemoglobin (2 g/dl), hematocrit (11%) AND ferritin (5...something.. don't recall the measurement). I am extremely concerned about this.Yet, all the PCP does is rx ferrous sulphate, which I cannot tolerate at all.

    Other tests I've had recently reveal extremely high ammonia levels, toxic high mercury, h-pylori, candida, an unidentified helminth, numerous protozoa; in addition to estrigen dominance, below normal T4 (I have Hashimoto's but cannot absord levothyroxine any more), low-rock bottom cortisol, and way way below normal aldosterone. I believe my methylation system is close to non functioning; there is no SNP (listed by Yasko) that I do not exhibit symptoms of.

    Could anyone advise a supplement I could take? Dietary modifications cannot be implemented because there is virtually nothing I can eat any more (yet due to the Hashimoto's I'm still obese and gaining approx 1lb per month). I cannot tolerate gluten, lactose, casein, soya, sulphites, thiols, anything that increases glutamate, or any form of b12; either they make me ill within hours-days, or they accumulte over time and result in the severely high ammonia and mercury levels I have now.

    If anyone would be kind enough to help, it is much appreciated, thanks.
  2. CFS_for_19_years

    CFS_for_19_years First Do No Harm

    A lot of people can't handle the ferrous sulphate Rx. I've taken Floradix for low iron and it worked beautifully. Take it twice a day on an empty stomach, then check your ferritin level every three months to check your progress.

    Have you discussed taking Cytomel (T3) with your doctor? Levothyroxine did absolutely nothing for me, but T3 made a big difference when I was hypothyroid. By the way, your body needs iron to make the conversion from T4 to T3, the active form of thyroid hormone. Read more here: deficiency
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  3. helen1

    helen1 Senior Member

    B.C., Canada
    Wow. Oh_noes, I'm really sorry to hear about your serious issues. I wouldn't know where to start either. It sounds like you need to find a doctor or naturopath that can actually help you (definitely not counting your PCP). What part of the world do you live in? (so that forum members can recommend someone)
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  4. rlc

    rlc Senior Member

    Hi oh-nos RE


    Have you been tested for adrenal Insufficiency with a ACTH stimulation test?

    Low Cortisol and Aldosterone means that it is very possible that you have Adrenal insufficiency, this is very serious, but very treatable if you have it, you need to see an Endocrinologist so they can do an ACTH stimulation tests to find out for certain.

    There is good information on diagnosing it here it says to diagnose AI

    “When adrenal insufficiency is suspected, blood for an AM cortisol level along with an ACTH level and an aldosterone level is drawn. With a normal range of 9-25, mcg/dl, blood cortisol levels higher than 19 generally rule out the possibility of adrenal insufficiency. Levels lower than 3 suggest adrenal insufficiency, and levels between 3-19 are indeterminate. In primary adrenal insufficiency, the blood ACTH level is high. A low cortisol with a high ACTH is sufficient to diagnose primary adrenal insufficiency; a low ACTH with a low cortisol level is seen in secondary adrenal insufficiency. Further tests can be used to differentiate pituitary from hypothalamic causes in secondary conditions.

    Regardless of the cortisol level, if adrenal insufficiency is highly suspect, an ACTH stimulation test is performed. In this test the patient is given an injection containing cosyntropin, a synthetic form of ACTH. Cortisol levels are tested prior to administering the drug and at 30 and 60 minutes after the ACTH is given. In adrenal insufficiency the rise is blood cortisol levels is negligible. A longer version of the test can be used to determine if abnormal results are due to pituitary or adrenal disease.”

    Low hematocrit and hemoglobin can also be caused by Adrenal insufficiency, failed Thyroid tests can also be caused by Adrenal Insufficiency see

    "Increased thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), with or without low thyroxine, with or without associated thyroid autoantibodies, and with or without symptoms of hypothyroidism, may occur in patients with Addison disease and in patients with secondary adrenocortical insufficiency due to isolated ACTH deficiency. These findings may be slowly reversible with cortisol replacement.

    In the setting of both adrenocortical insufficiency and hypothyroidism that requires treatment, corticosteroids should be given before thyroid hormone replacement to avoid precipitating an acute adrenal crisis."

    Many of your tests indicate adrenal insufficiency if this hasn’t been properly tested for with an ACTH stimulation test then it needs to be done, don’t waste time with supplements’ get an ACTH stim test done ASAP. Ema and I have been posting advice to Roxie in this thread if you are interested in more information.

    Hope this helps

    All the best
  5. L'engle

    L'engle moderate ME


    If yoou can tolerate the spa-tone iropn supplement, it's good I think. It's ferrous sulphate but from a natural source. Maybe you've already tried it though. A naturopath or somebody might be willing to give you iron by IV, but I've never done this. Another thing I learned recently was not to eat any grains around the time I take the spa-tone and it absorbs much better. I don't know if any of this helps you though. Hope you can find some help.
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  6. oh_noes


    London, UK
    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Apologies for the delay in acknowledging you.

    I'll respond more later.

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