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Severe ME/CFS could be called Pervasive refusal syndrome

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by taniaaust1, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    rather than "the fox in charge of the henhouse" perhaps you mean, "the Gestapo in charge of the disabled children's ward", hm?

    foxes are just animals. they eat etc from normal instinct, quite natural
    only humans sadistically torture children and others because they chose to do so for ideological reasons, shutting down their empathy, a truly vital thing for a social sentient being such as we are, and proceed to ignore compassion, and logic.

    The psychs, GPs, corporates and bankers and such do things which would get anyone else jailed or shot to bits by special forces in response to social outrage on extreme scale.
    But hey, put on a white coat, or a £5,000 suit and you can commit any crime and get away with it.
    incredible, extreme, ingrained, institutionalized and "protected" paedophilia in the British "system" proves this.
    Japanese "doctors" of Unit 731 carried out vivisection on living Allied POWs and Chinese civilians.
    unwitting civilians were injected with plutonium, or had their syphilis not treated and "studied"....

    Long LONG since time there was a "Zero Tolerance" policy for all this shit.
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  2. redaxe

    redaxe Senior Member

    Here is a true and frightening story. The sort of things you mention about in unit 731 or committed by Nazi doctors such as Josef Mengele (Angel of Death) was not just confined to totalitarian countries.

    In Sydney Australia, in a suburb called Pennant Hills a private psychiatric hospital admitted patients in the 1960s and 1970s. The psychiatrist in charge, Dr Harry Bailey developed a form of treatment that involved inducing patients into a coma and induce electroshock therapy. Over a 17 year period 26 patients died and 19 others went on to commit suicide within a year after the 'treatment'. The youngest patient to die in the hospital was a ten year old child. To date Dr Harry Bailey has been linked to the deaths of 85 patients and once the scandal become public he eventually committed suicide in 1985.
    This treatment was administered to patients was often without consent and patients were drugged into a coma for electroshock therapy. Some patients even awoke at times to find themselves naked and lying in their own urine and faeces in a mixed sex ward.
    Patients were sent there by doctors and psychiartrists to treat depression, anxiety and even homosexuality.

    As shocking as this sounds, at the time there was very little if any policing or regulation of the medical industry, the idea was that "the doctor knows best"
    Despite complaints no official authority took action despite mounting complaints and patient deaths. Indeed it was only in 1979 the hospital closed due to other doctors finally threatening to boycott the clinic after the news media raised the story. The frightening thing about this is that this treatment could have been administered to anyone in Sydney and there was no regulation over what was done in the hospital, it was all 100% legal. And what checks are there to stop something like this happening again.
    And this is Australia, what about despotic countries like Iran, North Korea, Soviet Russia, Communist China etc....

    The frightening question is are these shrinks actually sadomachists or do they actually believe in what they are doing is right?
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  3. leela

    leela Slow But Hopeful

    Couchland, USA
    I swear the majority of practicing psychiatrists must be insane people playing out their psychoses on other people.
    That is a horrifying story, @redaxe

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