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seem to crash each day around midday and i dont know why? plus symptoms etc for no reasons?

Discussion in 'Post-Exertional Malaise, Fatigue, and Crashes' started by Willhm, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. aimossy

    aimossy Senior Member

    Hi Willhm,
    I am at my very worst after lunch until after tea.
    it used to be a big slump around 3pm
    over time I have now connected it sort of with my digestion
    its like im overloaded after lunch trouble digesting will only get a shift just before tea.
    I have ups and downs all day, some times I think blood sugars/cortisol digestion is all up the pot! body is not processing normally.I don't like standing using my arms for activity.
    I have noticed the more I try things to push digestion through faster the better I am physically movement wise, but if pushed my digestion through too fast I can get the shakes real bad and eating when I get that stops it.
    sorry I have no good advice.
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  2. Willhm


    From the time I started this thread to now I have noticed a reasonable improvement.

    One thing that seems to have really really helped is using a wheelchair. I know this is not something most people would want, and I only use it at home as I pretty much housebound, and my family were worried it might be too much of a squeeze but it's actually ok and much less tiring than walking.

    Plus I have my meals made for me now were as before I did some myself but realistically I couldn't do it, obviously I don't know other's situations in regards to if they have family around to help with food or if they go out and a wheelchair would have other aspects to look at regarding it but certainly the fact that I have spent most of my time sitting comfortably with my back more supported as opposed to sitting in a conventional chair or sofa, and more importantly, not standing up so often and even more so, not going up the stairs, I seem to feel a lot less tired after eating (even though I still feel not good at all really but it really is a pretty good improvement).

    I would definitely recommend trying being in a wheelchair and having your meals made for you (if you can), I know there is worries about de conditioning etc but really it's not worth pushing yourself that little bit just so you know you can when it makes you feel so ill. Sometimes we don't always see a link but there certainly seems to be one in regards to this, the change was very fast.

    We have rented the chair I am currently using but we are now looking to buy as it been useful in many ways.
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  3. SickOfSickness

    SickOfSickness Senior Member

    Food could be your problem. If you are having legumes or lentils (especially peanuts), try skipping them. Also test to see if cheese or other dairy is a problem, if you are eating those.
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  4. triffid113

    triffid113 Day of the Square Peg

    I find it disturbing that someone so young should be having these problems (at an age when your hormones should be protecting you from a less than perfect diet) and I am wondering if your diet is in fact horrible and your supplementation inadequate. I think I have a dyslexic brain and so do not think the way people here think. When a young person has problems this severe I don't think the thing to do is try to parse down to a single or handful of missing nutrients, but to look at the entire diet and supplementation history and see what needs improvement on the whole. I also want to underscore what the person said who advised cider vinegar...because if your digestion is bad then it's pretty hard to bootstrap yourself up until you fix the digestion.

    I'm not into labels. I think you need to write down what you eat every day for several week days and several weekends (or whatever rhythms change your life) and type each representative day into a website to find the nutritional content of your diet and what might be missing. You should fix those short-comings. You should let us know what you have found so we can give you some pointers (whatever we may know - such as that if you are low in calcium you need to supplement BOTH calcium and magnesium together). You can use a website to find foods that contain the missing substances and decide whether to fix your diet and/or add supplements. I want to go on record as saying that I disagree with the kids these days who seem to think that they should only supplement a single missing nutrient after proving that they are deficient in it...I believe in guarding against deficiency in the first place by taking a broad multivitamin to cover all the bases. As you can see, being sick is hard to narrow down to a specific missing nutrient and it's a heck of a lot easier to prevent sickness in the first place. Today's foods are overprocessed and I do not believe they have the vitamin content the FDA lists for them. High heat destroys many nutrients, light, oxygen, time on the shelf destroys others. By the time you get it 80-90% of the vitamin content may be gone. Still you have to start somewhere so to see what the FDA says is in the things you eat, go here:

    I just can't help thinking of a phrase (was it a book cover?) by Suzanne Summers: You're too young for this. To that end you should prolly copy your diet samples here too...I mean the FDA database doesn't care if you eat toxic waste like pop, but we may want to advise you to ditch some of the bad habits. In general I think poorly of health strategies that require you to walk a tightrope every day to stay healthy, but there is such a thing as courting problems with a bad diet. I just can't believe dietary and supplement improvements wouldn't do the trick for a young guy like you. (I hope you're a guy, now that I said that).

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