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Lessons from ME/CFS: Finding Meaning in the Suffering
If you're aware of my previous articles here at Phoenix Rising then it's pretty clear that I don't generally spend my time musing upon the philosophy of the disease. I find it better to spend my time reading research and trying my best to break it down to its core elements and write...
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Secretary of Health Sebelius Responds

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Ember, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Ember

    Ember Senior Member

    By Bob Miller on March 3, 2013
    More: http://www.cortjohnson.org/blog/201...harry-reid-on-chronic-fatigue-syndrome-mecfs/
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  2. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    That was a nice letter from Kathern Sebelius. Even if she means well, it must be hard to initiate change with such a large organization because she just can't micromanage a situation like that.

    I found the part about collaboration extramural and intramural research funding interesting. I hope it means the extramural researchers get more funding.:)

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