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The Pathway to Prevention (P2P) for ME/CFS: A Dangerous Process
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Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by 5150, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. 5150

    5150 Senior Member

    It is rather scary to me , seeing that much of the "research" into our disease is under the control of Sebelius. Given the truth that's coming out about her inability to direct the Obamacare rollout via failure to delegate authority, how can she have ME/CFS anywhere near her top attention level with the turmoil now going on. I feel forgotten, now more than ever. . . Making my will into current terms, seriously.
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  2. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    If we're lucky, some heads (like Sebellius) will roll over the Obamacare rollout failure, and maybe some better people will come in. Not holding my breath though...

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