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Screening for inhibitors of microglia to reduce neuroinflammation.

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by beaverfury, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. beaverfury

    beaverfury beaverfury

    West Australia

    Despite the significant role microglia play in the pathology of multiple sclerosis (MS), medications that act within the central nervous system (CNS) to inhibit microglia have not yet been identified as treatment options.

    We screened 1040 compounds with the aim of identifying inhibitors of microglia to reduce neuroinflammation.

    Of 1040 compounds tested, 123 reduced TNF-α levels of LPS-activated microglia by over 50%. However, most of these were cytotoxic to microglia at the concentration tested while 54 were assessed to be non-toxic. Of the latter, spironolactone was selected for further analyses.

    I know it's early days for neuroinflammation research in ME, but i'm easily convinced.

    I've had at least some success with minocycline.

    I wonder what the other 54 options were, listed in this article. Does anyone know how i could access this full paper ?
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