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San Mateo, California Residents - Stanford wants you!

Discussion in 'Active Clinical Studies' started by Hope123, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Hope123

    Hope123 Senior Member

    Stanford University is specifically seeking people with ME/CFS who live in the city of San Mateo for their study on pathogens and ME/CFS. The study invovles a short phone interview and then ONE visit with blood drawn.

    [If you do not live in San Mateo but in the San Francisco Bay area and are interested, you can also contact Jane but it might be a while before she gets back to you.]


    Jane Norris P.A.-C.

    CFS Study Coordinator

    1070 Arastradero Rd., Suite 300

    Palo Alto, CA 94304

    T (650) 723-8126

    F (650) 723-6450


    [Please do not ask me for more details on the study. I am posting info only.]
  2. Hope123

    Hope123 Senior Member

    My understanding is that this particular study is a case-control study -- cases = sick people; controls = healthy people. They want to match the cases and controls on particular factors such as geography and currently have more controls than cases in the San Mateo area. That way, if they find anything in cases, geography can be ruled out as a determinant of the differences. I'm simplifying here.

    One issue with current pathogen studies is that cases and controls have not been in the same geographic area -- e.g. FDA/NIH study had cases from all over but all controls (blood bank) were from Washington DC area. So one could argue perhaps MLVs aren't related to ME/CFS; perhaps they are just more prevalent in the other areas and not present in DC.

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