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AVIVA Semi-Finals: National ME/FM Action Network is competing for $100,000
The National ME/FM Action Network in Canada is competing for $100,000 for biomedical research of ME and FM in the Aviva Community Fund contest. With thanks to all who helped, they made it through the first round of voting into the Semi-Finals.
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Salk on Biomedical Investigation

Discussion in 'XMRV Research and Replication Studies' started by Lesley, May 22, 2010.

  1. Lesley

    Lesley Senior Member

    Southeastern US
    I am reading Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, by Pamela Weintraub. It is the Osler's Web of Lyme disease. The following quote is applicable to the research on XMRV.

    The first part describes the European researchers:

    The second type is the kind of research that is done by WPI and their collaborators.

  2. natasa778

    natasa778 Senior Member

    London UK
    Great, thanks for posting!

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