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Ruggiero and

Discussion in 'GcMAF' started by Skydrake, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Overstressed

    Overstressed Senior Member

    Could you elaborate more on the Todd Rider discussion, because I don't understand the Italian language. For information to the forum members here: Todd Rider is the scientist who seems to have created a broad-spectrum antiviral, also called DRACO. I've heard some rumours and I wonder if your forum is discussing this ?

    Take care.
  2. Skydrake


    To main point of view, the two main differences between AIDS and FCS is with AIDS and no treatments you eventually die, but there are well studied treatments you can have an almost normal life, instead with CFS there are no CFS and you can't have a normal life. So, an HIV+ patient can have the luxury to use only well studied treatments (even provided by the healthcare system), instead a CFS patient must try experimentally, alternative or difficult-to-find treatments.

    Before I named Gilead, Bionor, Todd Rider and Ensoli, but they are four examples completely differents each other.

    1) The Gilead, a pharmaceutical colossus, is trying to make money selling the expensive Truvada to sieronegative people as preventive treatment (for someone it is "a 10.000 dollars/year condom", for other is the beginning of an health disaster, because this decision will promote cross-resistent HIV strains, and Truvada is a key drug for HIV prophylaxis). Criminal behaviour.

    2) Bionor is a pharmaceutical industry which promises, promises, promises, for years and years. At least its last two experimental HIV vaccines , the Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5, are able to do something, but much less than announced ("WE FIND THE VACCINE AGAINST HIV"). No credibility.

    3) Drs. Barbara Ensoli is a Italian researcher who is experimenting the TAT, a proteine against HIV, from the 90'. Results from first phase of studies on humans in 2001 showed that this cure it is not so much efficacy, but she is making and making new studies, spending another 37 millions of euros. Another study is beginning now. Waste of money.

    4) The Draco of Todd Rider is drug with a innovative approach. Usually these kind of approaches needs lots of years before to begin to be used on common patients (like staminals) or, more fequentely, they result a fake or a complete faliture. For sure, nothing is expected in a few years. To my opinion, it was presented with such great emphasis ("the cure against all viruses") that it will end with similar great delusion. Visionary.
  3. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    I came across this blog about the complaints about Ruggiero

    March 19, 2012 By Celia Farber 7 Comments

    Zoe Corbyn reports in todays, that The University of Florence has launched an inquiry into the teaching activities of an academic who assisted on a course that denies the causal link between HIV and AIDS, and supervised students with dissertations on the same topic. You can read the article here.

    The Truth Barrier reached Dr. Ruggiero today and interviewed him about the details of the situation. It turns out that an anonymous complaint against him has indeed been filed with the University, but to date he has heard nothing from the University about it, and has himself taken the matter to court.

    Professor Ruggiero has filed a libel case in a criminal court, against the anonymous entities who wrote the letter, which includes falsehoods and defamation, including, he told TTB, that he solicited patients over the Internet, and is responsible for many deaths by dissuading them from ARV treatment. (TTB looked up the source of the anonymous attack letter claiming that Ruggiero had contacted HIV patients over the Internet, and it showed that his work was discussed on a forum,, he was asked questions, and he replied to them.)

    They called me a criminal and a charlatan and all these things. In Italy defamation of this kind is a criminal offense, punishable by up to one year in prison. I sued them immediately, Ruggiero told TTB today in a telephone interview.

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