1. Patients launch $1.27 million crowdfunding campaign for ME/CFS gut microbiome study.
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Hunting down the cause of ME/CFS & other challenging disorders - Lipkin in London
In a talk to patients in London on 3rd September, Dr. W. Ian Lipkin described the extraordinary lengths he and his team are prepared to go to in order to track down the source of an illness, with examples ranging from autism to the strange case of Kawasaki disease.
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Reminder - The Empty Chairs Project June 2012

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by Denise, May 22, 2012.

  1. Denise

    Denise Senior Member

    Photos, reasons and release forms are needed by May 29th !!!
    Photo(s) (jpeg format) suitable for 8x10 inch print (photos can be current, prior to illness, both, silhouette, etc.)
    Reason(s) the individual cannot be at the CFSAC
    Signed release form *
    to SpeakUpAboutME at gmail dot com
    Family members/friends, etc. can also be part of The Empty Chair© Project, if would like to participate in the CFSAC, but cannot be there and the reasons they can't be there. (for example - can’t afford to take additional time off from work, can’t afford the expenses and so on.)
    Are you providing public comment remotely (via DVD/phone)? – send your photo. Someone will sit at the table and hold up your photo during your public comment. (Connecting a face with the public comment provides huge visual impact.)
    If your name cannot/should not be used, please provide a nickname.
    Each participant must submit a completed and signed release form (in part, so that the CFSAC will allow us to display the photo).
    * Release form attached (I hope) or request form from SpeakUpAboutME at gmail dot com.

    (We need photos, reasons and forms by May 29th in order to get photos printed and assembled.)
    The Empty Chair© Project originated with PANDORA and we thank them for letting us revive it.

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