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Re: Terminally ill patients face repeat fit-to-work tests (Mirror, 3 March 2012)

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by drjohn, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. drjohn

    drjohn Senior Member

    Re: Sickening indignity: Terminally ill patients face repeat fit-to-work tests (Daily Mirror, 3 March 2012)


    Letter to the Editor, Richard Wallace and intended for publication in
    Mailbox Mirror.

    Following far too many stories of this kind, about people who, literally, cannot stand up for themselves (Sickening indignity: Terminally ill patients face repeat fit-to-work tests, Daily Mirror, 3 March 2012 --, may I suggest an initiative that the Mirror might lead?

    Select, at random, a jury of men and women from all walks of life, representing the British taxpayers, whom the Government insist need protecting from wrongful disability benefit claims and see to what extent they agree with the judgements made by ATOS. Having considered the evidence, deliver a verdict whether ATOS are fit to continue advising the Government.

    No one else is doing anything about it, while looking on with disapproval. Will you step in, or also watch it continue.

    Yours sincerely
    drjohngreensmith@mecommunitytrust. org
    Dr John H Greensmith
    ME Community Trust. org

    P.S. This is one letter from the M.E. Community. Will it be the only one, or will there be the
    number there ought to be to reflect the outrage at the scandal that this is? If only to support me,
    please write to and and comment under the
    article itself - or wait until it's your turn and see who supports you.
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    When will folk realize this is NOT hyperbole, it is NOT a joke and where the hell such always leads to, hm?

    To achieve this in the UK, land of the caring welfare state, shows a long, precise campaign of dehuminzation, pyschological warfare and SHEER BLOODY EVIL!

    My mum is on an oxygen machine, at home, we get help as well.
    My dad who has dementia is sitll in his home, cared for
    I can't care for 'em both, do folk realize how gawd damn HUMILIATING that is?
    WHo the hell would want to have to rely on outside help liek that unless they needed to?
    Most folk havne't a gawd bloody clue what it's like to be unemployed for a long period, well, sorry many of you now do, but how many of you realized what it was liek, before, hm?
    Not getting at anyone, it's simple fact.
    Jobless are portrayed as "uglye evil lazy dangerous bogeymen", just like other groups, to keep the "sheeple" in line
    It's a bloody CASTE system.

    Now the Midle Class is weak and scared, the screws are being turned, by this I mean, the "Lords And Masters" like Murdoch etc, are manipulating folk, as they have done for millenia, when things get bad, the "middle class" who tend to stand up/have power to demand social honesty, cohesion, decency etc, get scared, broken, railroaded into supporting terrible acts
    once they have gone along with just one such act/belief/abuse, they are then morally and psychologically compromised
    the Lords & Masters have society in their pocket and then dispose of those they want rid of.

    This is all part of a drive to eliminate the Welfare State, so our scum Lords & masters cna avoid paying a pittance in tax
    that only those frightened, compromised wretches who remain will be to cowed to demand naything other than slave wages and slave treatment.

    Time after gawd damn time through history.
    When the HELL will folk learn, hm?

    Meh :(
    UK, of all places.

    They don't even need concentration camps or doctors with a passion for morphine murder, just withdraw medical/social aid...and watch the dominoes fall
  3. Carrigon

    Carrigon Senior Member

    PA, USA
    I knew someone who had brain tumors. She was really sick and had to lay down all the time with all kinds of tubes in her and stuff. She was terminal. And Social Security said she could still work! It's just unreal.
  4. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    Thank you very much Dr John!


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