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Re: Serialisation of Kay's book, "One last goodbye" (Daily Mail, 21 April 2011)

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by drjohn, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. drjohn

    drjohn Senior Member

    Re: Serialisation of Kay Gilderdale's book, "One last goodbye" (Daily Mail, 21 April 2011)

    To read a letter from Dr John Greensmith

    Any letters in response should be sent to e-mail address

    There has been a very good response to comments under the two instalments online but, to achieve our aim of the Daily Mail responding to my appeal to do a letters special with particular emphasis on M.E. rather than assisted suicide, which was Lynn's wish and what Kay works so tirelessly for, may I urge a flood of letters to the e-mail address above.

    Follow us on Twitter!/MeFreeForAllOrg

    Dr John H Greensmith
    ME Free For All. org
  2. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    Great idea, John. How about starting a new thread with the same message but in the "Action, Alerts, Advocacy" subforum and a call-to-action title such as "Help pressure Daily Mail to do ME special on Gilderdale case"?

    Could you explain what a letters special is? I don't read the Daily Mail.

    Should the emails that people send be ready for publication (i.e. making a case for research into ME, talking about its severity/underfunding) or should they just be asking for a letters special on ME because its a topic that desperately needs to be covered?
  3. drjohn

    drjohn Senior Member

    Hi Sasha, Thanks for your encouragement and enthusiasm. I might just do that. A letters special is simply when they make a big splash on one subject - sometimes take the whole page - and it ususally follows up and article or feature. For example, they did a letters special on the Lightning Process, with 11 letters. It also gives an oportunity to publish a range of opinions.

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