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Quantitative EEG Study Shows Why Clonapin Could be Bad for Us

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by Gamboa, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Gamboa

    Gamboa Senior Member

    Been "off-line" for a bit. I am now no longer taking Clonapin (Klonapin, Clonazapan whatever....). I am happy to say I had no problems stopping it after gradually reducing by breaking the pill into halves, then quarters, then taking it every second night then finally not at all.

    I am feeling much better during the days now: not nearly as groggy and in a stupor as I was before. What I was assuming was my ME/CFS getting worse appears now to have been the effect of the Clonapin. The problem I am having, which isn't a surprise, is that I now have insomnia again and that it seems to be even worse. I bought some melatonin but then read that that may be bad for us. I also bought a natural sleep aid containing hops, passionflower and chamomile but I haven't researched that yet. I tried the melatonin and herbal meds for a week and it seemed to work but then when I stopped I had a terrible night again. Still, even with a bad night every few nights, followed by a bad day or two, I am still feeling better, so I am glad I went off the Clonapin.

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