1. Patients launch a $1.27 million crowdfunding campaign for ME/CFS gut microbiome study.
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Hyperparathyroidism: An Often Overlooked Differential Diagnosis to ME/CFS
Andrew Gladman puts hyperparathyroidism under the microscope, exploring what the disease is, how it can mimic ME/CFS in presentation and how it is treated.
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Psychiatric Theory in practice: Liverpool CF/CFS Clinic Patient handout

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by Orla, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. MeSci

    MeSci ME/CFS since 1995; activity level 6

    Cornwall, UK
    Absolutely! And I can think of someone well able to do it, alex3619...

    (You can submit it to us for peer review before publishing. :snigger:)
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  2. Leopardtail

    Leopardtail Senior Member

    The mos striking things about ALL of these videos is that the people concerned are either describing very mild , very early ME, or are not dsecribing ME at all. No person with ME would both manage an MSc and work.
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