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Protein shake anyone?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Maria1, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Maria1

    Maria1 Silence speaks volumes

    Hi there people

    I bought some whey powder at new year when it was on offer in my local Spar. I bought it impulsively having read a few positive comments on here about it making a difference, and branch chain amino acids being mentioned in some research (forgive my vagueness; I am quite badly brain fogged and find specifics a challenge).

    Around a week ago, I started taking it every day, one serving at 25 grams. I'm thinking about doubling what I'm taking to twice a day.

    I'm not sure if it's doing anything but somehow I'm feeling good about taking it. I look forward to it! I am not severely affected and currently managing to walk around 8000 steps a day. I became ill in 2012 and no longer work. For the first two or three years I was unable to walk more than a short distance but I've improved quite a bit recently. I started walking when I got a puppy, in June last year. I have good days and bad days but usually manage to walk her. I have to be careful about pacing and not doing much else at all.

    For the past few days, I've found myself dancing in the kitchen! Not sure it's just coincidental but I have tried all sorts of supplements and not really ever felt a direct improvement.

    Anyway, I wondered if a post specifically on whey powder might be an idea? For those taking it or who have taken it. What are you taking and are you noticing a difference?

    I'm taking PHD diet whey, banana flavour. It has a rather unpleasant, artificial banana flavour, but I've improved that by adding by adding other stuff, currently courgette and flax seed!
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  2. gregh286

    gregh286 Senior Member

    Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
    good news. I am big supporter of aminos,.took me to an 8 level from 5.
    diet PHD is the best, dont change. Its very high in glutamine which is highest benefit.
    Do not fall into trap think you slacken off, need to keep taking 3-4 a day (100g)
    Body can use amino as alternative to glucose.
    Aminos only thing that has direct correlation to me also. I have tried everything.
    Latest research shows variation in amino profile from man to woman so keep on broad spectrum amino like PHD.
    BTW banana and vanilla the best! Belgian choc is RANK
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  3. Eastman

    Eastman Senior Member

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  4. Murph

    Murph :)

    I've written about this all over the forum, but I've got good benefits from hydrolysed whey protein isolate. The brand recommended by my doc is dymatize iso 100.

    It is whey protein isolate, which means it is broken down, and it is hydrolysed, which means it is broken down even more. The point of that is that it should be extremely fast-absorbing, and have lower risk of containing proteins your body may react to. It should be more or less just amino acids. (I think).

    I've looked at greg's PHD powder and it seems to have milk protein concentrate in it, which would not be ideal for me as I don't tolerate casein well. I'm sure there are other hydrolysed whey protein isolates but I haven't fund them yet.

    You said "I've found myself dancing in the kitchen!" and that's my experience too. Its effect is kind of amazing.
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