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Problem with supplements especially vitamin D?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Ocean, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Ocean

    Ocean Senior Member

    Thanks Fredd. can you clarify this just a little more. I had a hard time understanding this part:"be prepared for the potassium deficiency and except for folates for instance, not any competition for absorbtion. "
    Also, by all the basics, what do you mean, like a basic multivitamin?
  2. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Ocean,

    If a person uses the active b12/folate protocol, with mb12-adb12-Metafolin methylation WILL START approxmately immediately assuming the bascis like all the vitamins and minerals are started. Occasionally SAM-e may be needed to kick it off.

    be prepared for the potassium deficiency

    In 3 days as cells are forming, the potassium used for the cell formation can cause the serum potassium to drop preciptiously causing spasms, heart palpitations, mood changes, nausea, etc. If you don't have potassium at hand you will quite possibly not be able to drive anywhere to get it. The first time it happened to me It took me 45 minutes to make my way from the bedroom to the kitchen. Now I keep a bottle of potassium by my bed or at farthest in my bathroom. I live alone and have nobody who could go get some for me at 3 in the morning.

    by all the basics, what do you mean,

    read it here, first post

    The items in a typical multivitamin usually include unwanted items, ie folic acid and cyancbl, as well as inadequate amounts. If Purepak has a multivitamin with mb12 and Metafolin available then that might be a very good choice for a lot of the basics with additional minerals and omega3 oils and so on.. The other problems is that a multi with enough of all the minerals would require 6-10 horsepills per day.

    except for folates for instance, not any competition for absorbtion.

    Folates have an active specialized absorbtion/transport system that inactive folates can compete for possibly blocking the active Metafolin. Most vitamins and minerals don't have that. You Wondered in your post if various things were competing for absorbtion. I was telling you no, except for folates. B12 also has specialized transprt but usimng sublonguals and active mb12/adb12 diffusion takes care of it from sublingual to cell.

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