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Positive EBV Test - Possible Lyme?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by tzodrow, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. tzodrow


    This is my recent health history:

    Came down and tested positive for mono in Feb 2017 (Severe throat, chills, ache, mild fatigue). Throughout 2017 every 5-6 weeks I would feel "sick" (mild aches/chills) for 48-72 hours. Not ideal, but not a disaster. As of Dec 1, I have been chronically ill and have not shown any improvement (Aches, chills, anxiety/depression). Had my blood work done for a variety of tests and was negative for everything (Including Western Blot) but Positive for EBV. Test results below:

    EBV AB VCA IgM - 46 (>44 is positive)
    EBV Early Antigen AB, IgG - 33 (>11 is positive)
    EBV AB VCA, IgG - >600 (>22 is positive)
    EBV Nuclear Antigen AB IgG - 79 (>22 is positive)

    So essentially across the board HIGH EBV. My question is - does anyone think this could actually be lyme? I want to make sure as I know how insidious that can be. My symptoms don't honestly seem to fit either lyme or EBV (I have no fatigue). I really don't know how to interpret these results and if I should just assume it is a re-flare of the EBV/Mono I previously had and just something I might have to live with on/off for years.

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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