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please join this facebook group to reinstate Dr John Greensmiths

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by pollycbr125, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. pollycbr125

    pollycbr125 Senior Member

    hi all im sure some of you know john he runs . John is one of the me/cfs good guys . yesterday for some unknown reason facebook deactivated his account . I have been in contact with john and he has no idea why this has happened , he is trying to get it sorted .

    in the meantime i have set up a facebook group to try and get john reinstated please show him some support

    you can also email complaints to facebook at

    i sent them this message .......

    As an me/cfs sufferer i urge you to reinstate Mr john Greensmiths facebook account . As far as i am aware John had never posted anything offensive or infact breeched facebook rules . ME is a truly devasting illness many of us are housebound and our only contact with the outside world is often social networking sites such as yours .
    John posts valuable links regarding the latest research , the illness itself and other related articles . Many people rely on John to know what is happening in the outside world . To remove John from facebook is doing the me/cfs community a great diservice and alienating me/cfs sufferers even more than they already are .

    Therefore please reinstate Johns account asap .The work John does is invaluable and i for one am very grateful for all the hard work he does for the me/cfs community .

    i got the following automated response .


    The Facebook Team has received your inquiry. We should get back to you soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to review our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ( for more information.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    The Facebook Team

    apologies if i have posted this in the wrong place please feel free to move if neccessary . thankyou x
  2. Min

    Min Guest

    joined it

    this is awful, he does wonderful work and is always extremely polite
  3. leelaplay

    leelaplay member

    thanks for doing this polly...........

    I HATE (yes - a very loud voice) that they would cut off an account with no explanation!

    I urge everyone to join + send in an email appeal.

    In my email, I just said that I was too sick to write my own letter, and was copying one from a fellow me/cfser as it expressed my ideas and concerns.
  4. Jody

    Jody Senior Member

    I joined the facebook group.

    Apparently obliteration of an account is something that can happen to anyone, anytime. This is what I heard today at any rate.

    Gave me pause, since I have a facebook account too and I'd hate to lose everything I have on there ...
  5. justinreilly

    justinreilly Senior Member

    NYC (& RI)
    Yeah, this happens a lot to people for no reason. Sometimes, if the person didn't do anything wrong and she or he bothers them long enough, they will reinstate the account. I hope this happens to the good Doctor!
  6. Tammie

    Tammie Senior Member

    Woodridge, IL
    I joined the grp, too. I really hope they do reinistate him - he does a lot to help us.
  7. Jerry S

    Jerry S Senior Member

    Me too. John is a regular contributor to Co-Cure. He should be reinstated.

    Thanks for posting this, pollycbr125!
  8. Tarkus

    Tarkus Guest

    I only joined this group only a few moments ago and the very first thing I came acroos was the news that Dr John Greensmith had been censored.

    I have, over along period, read his input elsewhere and have always found him to be a sensible, well balanced contributor .
    He has represented the cause of those suffering from ME in a dignified manner.
    Surely there has been a mistake here?
  9. Jody

    Jody Senior Member

    I'm sure it is a mistake, and not targetting him. I have been hearing from more and more people about the same thing happening to them or someone they know. Either a glitch or a way to keep accounts from getting too big for Facebook to handle?
  10. usedtobeperkytina

    usedtobeperkytina Senior Member

    Clay, Alabama
    I'm having problems with Facebook also. Some are complaining of possible viruses in certain parts of Facebook.

    I can't upload photos and it says my e-mail address doesn't work, but yet it does. I try to reconfirm my e-mail address and I get to some instructions that I can't follow.

  11. pollycbr125

    pollycbr125 Senior Member

    thanks everyone for spreading the word we are now up to 337 members .

    john is still getting no joy with facebook , it seems actually speaking to a human is nigh on impossible , facebook really needs to look at this issue .

    I recieved a message from john yesterday he would like to thank everybody for their concern , well wishes and emails to facebook on his behalf . He has just sent another email to facebook which i have permission to repost ........ see below

    Good Morning,

    You may be aware that my account drjohngreensmith was disabled, three days ago (1st April 2010).

    I was surprised and shocked because I am not aware of any offence I have committed. I certainly didn't intend to and would like to know what it was, so that I can't do it again. It is possible that someone acted maliciously or there was a random act of vandalism.

    I have, subsequently, been flattered and quite touched by the level of concern that there has been for me. Sudden disruption tends to raise two immediate questions: did I (rather than Facebook) block them - and that could cause a slur on my reputation or cost friendships and (2) concern for my health and welfare.

    Apart from contacting me or our website directly, some kind souls have e-mailed to ask to have us restored.

    Cheryl Benson has even started a facebook page for me here
    and Jo Chamberlain here!/group.php?gid=110471515643212&ref=nf

    We all hope that you will restore us as soon as possible. In addition, it is important for us to know why this account was disabled in the first place to prevent anyone, accidentally, repeating it. There is no point in simply referring us to FAQs or the Help Center, to go round the loop yet again. We are human beings who need a human being to explain it to us. It is, of course, in Facebook's interest too because if this is happening to us, it will be happening to other users and it could be cleared up for everyone. If the aim of Social Networking is to increase the number of contacts people have, there are some serious impediments that need addressing.

    I hope that you will treat this with some priority now. It would be nice to get back to where we were before the Easter holiday is over.

    Yours sincerely
    Dr John Greensmith
    ME Free For
  12. JillBohr

    JillBohr Senior Member

    Columbus, OH
    I was wondering why I have not heard from him. I love his face book page. I will defintely do what I can to get him reinstated.
  13. parabola


    Does anyone know what happened to Dr Greensmith? He was a regular contributor to the letters page of my regional newspaper a few years back, raising awareness, but his letters stopped suddenly.
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  14. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    When I saw this thread bumped I though 'I've not seen anything from him for a while'.

    No idea if he's still active or not.
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  15. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

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  16. Dolphin

    Dolphin Senior Member

    I haven't heard from him in years and I don't know anyone else who has (it has come up in other situations also). We used to exchange Christmas cards and I knew him for a number of years so I was probably closer to him than many but haven't heard anything.

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