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Phone Consultation Vs In Person

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by lnester7, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. lnester7

    lnester7 Seven


    For those whom have had a CFS specialist phone consultation, is it worth it or is it better to be in person??

    I live in VA and the CFS specialist is in MIA. Is about a whole day of travel + Cost of Hotel and Airfare + the Tiredness of the trip. But I am afraid I might miss something or they need new blood drawn and I would have to reschedule and wait even more.

    Please share your phone consultation experience.

    TX in advance,
  2. peggy-sue


    I'm in the uk, I haven't got a specialist.

    However, my gp does do telephone consultations.
    I find it very helpful indeed.

    I don't like him much, he doesn't think ME is real and he's not remotely helpful as far as anything to do with that is concerned - so it's not worth me getting myself there, having a panic when I'm there (because I find it so stressful not being believed........ then having to suffer all the double-speak of his stupid platitudes...grrrrrrrrrrrrr)

    if I don't really need to be seen

    However, for normal things, the telephone is fine and saves a whole load of trouble and stress.

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