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Perrin/lymph drainage/massage: makes sense or not?

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by Sasha, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    Re the research study
    A lot depends on the screening criteria used.
    Also NICE doesn't differentiate between CFS and ME - it says the same disease, really??
    RP is very specific about calling the disease ME.

    I suspect the reason the NHS have shown interest in this project is because,

    massage by physios already employed by the NHS will be cheap.
    Physios have already been encouraged to do the CBT qualifications in order to deal with ME patients. So they will have another tool to use in a new NHS bundle of treatment. CBT/GET/lymph massage
    The fun will be how they cope with actually having to touch patients:) after new guidelines describing how they should demonstrate exercises to the patient and then leave the patient to do them at home. My friend saw an NHS physio 6 times over 12months and he never laid a finger on her:(
    It will be a cheap diagnostic tool but the only thing on offer for those diagnosed as positive will be the lymph massage - other co-infections viral/bacterial will be ignored as they are now.

    I don't blame RP for going for this project but I don't think it will benefit the very sickest for a moment.
    You have to be well enough to get there - they won't visit you at home.
    There have been some success stories and the original itheory makes sense but I suspect there is much much more to this illness, for the majority of us we need more than lymph massage and for that we will still be on our own.
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  2. sianrecovery

    sianrecovery Senior Member

    Manchester UK
    totally totally agree
  3. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Clear Light
    Hi maryb ,

    Ray says his technique is for chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E., and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome.

    I know they are well aware of the Canadian guidelines and using their own independent assessor may very well have used them.

    Dr. Myhill uses mainly C.F.S. although interchange it with CF (potentially a mental health label), M.E. and M.E/C.F.S!!!

    But both clinicians claim this illness is without doubt physical.

    I see RP favours C.F.S/M.E. on his book.

    I don't really know what to make of the way these labels are portrayed!!

    RP almost got the PT through but the NHS rejected it - and hence his new study to try it again...

    I agree, if the NHS was showing some sort of interest in it - start to suspect something dodgy !!! :)

    It would be nice to see therapists free from psych training applying this physical therapy.

    I read somewhere that initially psychiatric therapy was intended to be a touch and talk therapy....but they scrapped the touch.... :)

    Lymph Drainage therapy is designed to unclog the body to initiate the bodies natural healing abilities - so it doesn't matter what virus or bacteria are involved , the body will deal with it.

    If The Perrin Technique was made available on the NHS, I would hope home visits could be arranged , i don't see why not.

    As with Dr.Myhill protocol , testing to rule out all else just isn't done and its a bit of a guessing game - i don't like this.
    I doubt any of us on here have had that done.
    I do think that is a big problem.

    And without a reliable lyme test to be found, is going to continue to be.

    If I am not tickety-boo after completing my Perrin course and making appropriate lifestyle changes.....

    The NHS should obviously incorporate all the tests we are trying to do for ourselves here, first and foremost.
  4. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    golden - a bit tired to write anymore but in answer to

    'Lymph Drainage therapy is designed to unclog the body to initiate the bodies natural healing abilities - so it doesn't matter what virus or bacteria are involved , the body will deal with it'

    Lymph drainage helps the body get rid of toxins faster - unlikely if someone had a major bacterial infection eg. helibactor pylori or a aggressive bowel bacteria - that this would clear without a/biotics whether herbal or pharma drugs.

    I'm a great fan of RP but don't see this treatment as a cure for what ails us.
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  5. Jimble


    Petersfield - UK
    First post from myself so hi everyone :)

    Talking from my own personal experience with the Perrin technique I find it very beneficial. I suffered from me/cfs from 12 to 16 after I came down heavily with a viral infection. I was mostly moderately affected so had enough energy to entertain myself for hours gaming on my computer (looking back - terrible idea with all the adrenaline) but after 3 years of my condition not improving by much, my mum booked an appointment with an osteopath down in Southsea, near Portsmouth.

    I wasn't expecting anything of a miracle cure when I visited, to be honest I was quite in denial of my suffering with the illness, so I had no hopes or expectations. Several weeks of the treatment and I definitely felt the treatment was starting to get things 'moving'. The biggest benefit I noticed was that the aches and decreased mobility in my neck had become so much better. The stiffness subsided every so slightly after every treatment, and this cumulatively added up over the months I saw my Osteopath. In under a year of the treatment I was back to school with increased energy and slowly gained my strength and stamina enough to complete very short aerobic exercises in the gym.

    Now I'm 21 and am having a second bout of me/cfs after smashing myself to pieces on a uni rowing training camp several weeks after a viral infection and came down with all the same symptoms I once suffered from before. After several months of bed rest and popping all the supplements known to man, I am back seeing my Osteopath after 5 years. I have to say, it is still benefitting me the most out of everything i am currently doing, including Equilibrant, PeaPure, Pharma Nord CoQ10, essential fatty acids, D-ribose, probiotics, magnesium, selenium, lipolife liposomal vitc and glutathione etc.

    Considering there is no miracle cure out there for this condition, I recommend at least looking into it and trying some of the home exercises for several months before passing judgement as it could potentially help you as it is helping me!
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