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Panic related to induced B vits deficiency? Opinion on my genes

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Irwin, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Irwin


    First of all, my hetero and homo genes:
    Basically two VDR +/+, MTRR A66G +/+, a BHMT08 +/+ and a GSTP1 +/+

    My symptoms before starting to use mfolate + b12: lack of motivation, low libido, poor psychological resilience, nocturne hypoglycemia (waking up scared at night, with brain zaps, but not panic attack)

    First try: 400mcg quatrefolic + 1 liquid b12 (500mcg hydro + 500mcg mb12) + 100mg niacin… This was the best thing I ever done! I gained super psychological resilience (all stress, all my thoughts were manageable), my libido went to the hoof and my nocturne hypoglycemia disappeared. This feeling lasted 3~4 days, then I tried to use mfolate + b12 again… meeeeh… another day, plus niacin… nothing… another day: methyl trapping symptoms. I wasn’t holding the liquid enough in my mouth.

    I tried to use 400mcg folate + 500mcg pure AOR hydrob12 two weeks after this experiment, and I felt good, but nothing close of my first try. And after this, each day I started to get worse. Developing initial panic symptoms, anxiety, severe brain fog, bad physical resistance… My 23andme results just were done after this. Then I tried to use just my b12 mix liquid and potassium, my brain fog improved, also my physical resistance, but panic symptoms don’t. I tried to use half caplet of Nature’s Made B complex, this helped yesterday but this dawn I waked up with severe panic attack. Never had this before. Tought I was going to develop schizophrenia.

    - THEEEN I connected the points: Panic attack is so relative to B vitamins (at least nocturne panic, so common in people suffering panic attacks). The B complex caused some unbalance, much probably b12 or folate. I have nocturne hypoglycemia, and panic attack is like this, but much stronger, this is the difference. Whenever I use Niacin, this relieve the hypog. When I use honey before sleep, this also relieve a lot the hypog. My first use of mfolate and b12 also made my nocturne hypog disappear for days. B vitamins regulate the blood sugar. Some unbalance was causing nocturne hypog, now I induced more unbalanced that caused a stronger reaction.

    I don’t have MTFHR mutations, but something is messing with my folate. I really think this is the big guy.

    As NutraHacker says, MTRR and BHMT08 are related to “folate one carbon metabolism”, I need to do more research because these things are connected. The shit is: I need zinc and TMG (methyl donor) to assist BHMT08 and mb12 to MTRR, but VDR says no no to methyl. Confusing, I’m feeling a guinea pig. I need to achieve this super feeling I got at my first mfolate try. I felt like a boss :p

    Thoughts on my genes? I would really appreciate opinions and discussion about what's happening, I never had panic before..
    I’ll start slow when my pure mb12 arrive, then after a month I’ll add mfolate and others freddd’s supplements.

    Thank you, have a nice weekend!

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