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Ozone therapy at home

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by fireflymd, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. fireflymd

    fireflymd Senior Member

    Anyone here doing ozone therapy at home?

    My doc recommended IV ozone therapy or UVBI but I have been unable to find someone near me who does either therapy.

    I have read about doing insufflation with ozone.

    If you are doing this, which machine did you purchase?
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  2. Colin


    I use the Synergy WPS-100 at home. It goes for $500 and a uses cold corona discharge whereas other $2-3k units use plasma. I mostly do rectal insufflation and occasionally saunas with a simple foldable sauna that my head pops out of. I have not been doing it very long but what I gather is that you need to do it pretty regularly as in 4-7 days a week for awhile to have a benefit.
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