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Organic acids test, ammonia clearance etc.

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by knackers323, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    Has anyone had this test?
    Is it usefull?
    Did it show up anything as being high or low and/or indicate an ammonia clearance problem?
  2. brenda

    brenda Senior Member

    I had the Metametrix one done a few years since and would really appreciate some imput on the results of the citric acid cycle. The naturopath who ordered the test disappeared without telling me what it meant.

    Citrate >2000 H (56-987)
    Cis-Aconitate H 92 (18-78)
    Isocitrate 172 H (39-143)
    a-Keto 30.4 H (<35.0)
    Succinate 8.6 (<20.9)
    Fumarate 0.35 (<1.35)
    Malate 3.0 H (<3.1)
    Hydroxymethylgluterate 6.0 H(<5.1)

    Sulphate is low and urine smells of ammonia. Thanks.

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