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Organic Acid Test

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by Lee Ann, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Lee Ann

    Lee Ann

    Hello All,
    My doctor ask me if I were willing to do an OAT and I said I didn't know what it was but I had nothing to lose but a couple of hundred dollars. I got the results back and was told it was a mitochodrial ?? disorder The Energy production markers a-Ketoglutarate were high. Everything else was normal. Even my methylation cofactor makers were normal.

    First of all, has anyone else had the test and if so what were your results.
  2. richvank

    richvank Senior Member

    Hi, Lee Ann.

    The lab reference ranges don't always tell the whole story on these tests. If something is high-normal, even though it isn't "high," it can still be meaningful. Also, there are several things that can cause elevated AKG, including low manganese or magnesium, low niacin, or elevated toxic metals such as mercury or arsenic. Usually it's necessary to run some other tests along with a urine organic acids test to be able to narrow down the causes of abnormalities on this test. These include amino acids, and toxic and essential elements, and some others can be helpful as well. For ME/CFS, in my opinion, the most useful test is the methylation pathways panel offered by Health Diagnostics and Research Institute in New Jersey.

    Best regards,

  3. ggingues

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    Concord, NH
    Yes, my Dr order this for me from Great Plains Laboratory.


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