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Opening Pandora’s Box: PANDORA Cozies up to IOM

Discussion in 'Institute of Medicine (IOM) Government Contract' started by Jeannette Burmeister, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Senior Member

    Los Angeles, USA
    The process consist of the IOM, the panel they select, a process they created, and a review committee. I'd like to know where the buck stops. Who is responsible?
  2. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    I've not been following this thread, but I really agree with this point.
  3. Ember

    Ember Senior Member

    Has the special link to the IOM forum been removed inadvertently again?
  4. Mark

    Mark Former CEO

    Sofa, UK
    Nope, deliberately this time :D - we're promoting our new PR store for the next week or so, because the holiday season and the affiliate schemes are a very significant source of income for PR and we've just put a lot of work into expanding the PR store. We'll restore the IOM notices in about a week.
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  5. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Anyway they both can be promoted? seeing both things are very important

    Maybe that last line was if it was removed (its really not needed as the other two lines about the store are good.. last line is so cliche (not sure if i have wrong right), the OMI forum could be still promoted underneath in a single line with a link where that is..

    Its great that PR finally has got a store to help with its funds. :)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2013
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  6. Izola

    Izola Senior Member

    JR: Just saying it seems odd, like odd as in all the governmental masks of ignorance that have been displayed for 2 decades post Incline Village. To my knowledge the CDC, et al, has never recognized (openly, that is) the WHO's ICD classification of ME or even ME until almost a couple decades past the Holmes' criteria. Was ME even classified in the U.S.? Either I haven't bothered to check or I don't remember. Information dribbles out of my brain faster than a dachshund slimes. You bet the U.S. respects the WHO even though they don't have to. The USA was all over it a couple years past when an outbreak of one of the 77+ enteroviruses killed 27 children in a or some eastern country[ies] not to mention the ongoing war against Polio, another 3 enteroviruses. But all of this about ICD's is just another paragraph in the loss of our lives.
  7. justinreilly

    justinreilly Senior Member

    NYC (& RI)
    I think the ICD 9cm which we currently use in the US has ME in the index and it says "see CFS", but CFS is listed in a chapter called something like "miscellaneous symptoms."

    Until less than a year ago CDC had a CFS CME on their website coauthored with CFIDS ASSN of America saying that CFS was different from CFIDS and ME because the name CFIDS implies immune dysfunction which CFS does not have and ME implies brain inflammation which CFS doesn't have.

    It would be funny if it weren't tragic that the CFIDS Assn was saying that CFIDS is not a correct name for CFS, bc CFS doesn't have immune dysfunction!! These guys need to be put out of business when we're done with the IoM etc.

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