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OMF needs your help! (Translators)

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by Ben H, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Ben H

    Ben H OMF Correspondent

    Hi guys,

    OMF needs your help!

    Dear OMF Friends,

    Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) is looking for volunteers to be a part of their “International Translators Team”. As OMF is international, it is sometimes challenging for patients to read our information in English. Patients around the world appreciate our hopeful messages in their local language.

    Our International Liaison Sara has gathered an amazing team of translators. We are grateful to the expedient work of this incredible team. The Team currently translates OMF’s information in 12 languages and we share it with the different language communities around the world.

    We are currently looking for additional volunteers who can translate from English to French, German, Japanese, and Norwegian. We have several volunteers for each language, so people can share the workload.

    The workload is not extensive, there are no real deadlines, and we are very respectful towards health limitations and bad days.

    If you are able to volunteer, or know someone who might be interested, and want to be part of an amazing and growing International Team OMF, please contact our International Liaison, Sara Piccer at OMF:

    All further ideas and input are welcome. We hope to be able to welcome you soon to our Team OMF Family

    Thanks guys,


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