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Old test results, require someone with some know how please.

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by simyboye, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. simyboye

    simyboye Guest

    Hi there,
    Hope your all well and happy?
    I havent been on here in a while and after slipping off the radar to try this and that, found some old notes on tests I've had done. Still extremely exhausted and no further forward...Zzz!

    Could someone who has a bit more knowledge than me spot anything thats likely to be causing me extreme tiredness below? I think I may go and get the tests done again. Below test done by stool sample.

    Many thanks


    Test-ID Description Result I Unity I +- I Reference
    Description of Probe Remark
    ECOLA Escherichia coli > 10^7 High I cfu/ml I 110"6-101\7

    PROTA Proteus spec. < 101\4 normal I cfu/ml I 1<101\4
    CITROA Citrobacter spec. < 101\4 normal I cfi/ml I I < 101\4
    ENTBAA Enterobacteriaceae < 101\4 normal I cfu/ml I 1< 101\4
    KLEBA Klebsiella spec. < 101\4 normal I cfu/ml I I < 101\4
    ECA Enterococcus spec. 101\6-101\7 normal I cfu/ml I 1101\6-101\7
    PSEUDA Pseudomonas spec. < 101\4 normal 1 cfu/ml I 1 < 101\4
    BACA Bacteroides spec. 101\9-101\11 normal 1 cfu/mf I 1101\9-101\ 11
    BIFA Bifidobacterium spec. 101\9-101\11 normal I cfu/ml I 1101\9-101\11
    LACA Lactobacillus spec. < 10^4 very low 1 cfu/ml I 1101\5-101\7

    CLOSA Clostridium spec. < 101\5 normal 1 cfu/ml I 1 < 101\5
    PHBAKA Stool pH: normal: 6.5 I I 16.2 - 6.8 with normal nutrition
    CANALA Candida albicans 10^7-10^9 very high I cfu/ml I 1< 101\2

    CANSPA Candida spec. < 101\2 normal I cfu/ml I 1 < 101\2
    SA Pathogen: Secreted aspartic positive I I I
    Stuhl proteinase:

    GEOA Geotrichum spec. < 101\2 normal I cfu/ml I 1< 101\3
    SCHIMA Moulds ne2ative 1cfu/ml I I negative

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