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Nystatin - Herxing or what? HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by dsdmom, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. TamiW


    Have you considered using activated charcoal, 30-45 minutes after an antifungal to soak up the toxins being released? This if often extremely helpful in mitigating detox reactions.

    Getting the bowels moving daily and your first morning urine pH is in range can really assist with tolerance for detox as well. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, if the bowels are not moving daily, no progress can be made. Some things that can assist are oxypowder, aloe vera juice, high fiber foods, taurine, vitamin C, magnesium, or whatever you know works for you. Once this is established, it's appropriate to address the liver/kidney function. Liver Life and fresh squeezed lemons are great for this. You can test your first morning urine pH to see if you are draining acids efficiently, it should be acidic at 5.5-6.2. Once the bowels are moving daily, liver/kidney function is optmized and acids are draining efficiently, adding in detox agents will be much better tolerated as the organs of elimination are open and ready to filter the toxins efficiently. Aggravations during detox mean that you are getting rid of more toxins than the organs can comfortably excrete. So you optimize their function and start detox agents at a low dose ramping up as tolerated. And if you do give too high a dose and experience detox reactions, activated charcoal is an amazing way to mitigate the detox reactions. It soaks up those excess acids that are released.

    Hope this helps.
  2. lostnspace


    I also have a huge problem with systemic Candida, and I can tell you now that being on a yahoo group for people using LDN, that many experience an increase in their candida problems when they go on LDN. I have stopped the LDN at times and fought off the Candida with diet and herbs and then gone back on LDN and felt better. In my opinion its essential to get the Candida under the best control possible for LDN to do its job and not cause more problems. I did experience good pain relief with LDN and I did find that Candida was causing a lot of my fatigue problems. If you can do the specific carbohydrate diet along with the LDN and I took NOW Candida Clear or you could take other herbals for Candida on a daily basis once you get the worst of it under control, you can keep it from getting out of control again. I dont think there will be lasting relief from Candida as long as our immune systems are out of whack and LDN is supposed to help regulate the immune system.

    There are also a lot of people finding that their livers do not clear LDN as well as others and need to take a smaller dose for it to clear in the recommended time and get the endorphin energy and pain relief. I am on these two groups and found that I can only take 1.5 mg every other day, but that doesnt mean it wont work for a person just because they are not on 4.5, just as different people can tolerate different doses of antidepressants and other meds so it is the same for LDN. Hope this helps.


  3. powertool4


    Please see below.

  4. Athene

    Athene ihateticks.me

    Hi powertool,

    I think Tami's advice about charcoal was very good. I use it and also psyllium husk to keep my bowels moving as regularly as possible. I think you need the right balance between the dosage of Nystatin and charcoal, which I guess is a question of experimentation. I am currently taking nystatin together with probiotic bacteria and this seems more effective than nystatin alone.

    In my case, I have realised that this candida is never going away, so I am just taking a low dose of nystatin to knock it on the head continuously and try to keep the level of it under control.

    When I get palpitations and that suffocating feeling, the only thing I have found that helps is to drink vast amounts of water. I try to do this all the time anyway, as it really helps the body flush out the toxins that candida produces.

    Also, I would stick to the diet. Have you eliminated tea and coffee altogether? Apart from irritating the intestine, they make it very hard to tolerate a low carb diet as they affect the way your body releases glycogen. The best help I got with this diet was the Atkins book - the first chapters are all about how to get your body producing ketones so you can make maximum use of fat for energy, without needing the carbs. You need to get the right types of fat - some will be useful for energy, some will place extra strain on your liver (methylation) and poison you.

    Finally, on the liver issue, I found this website very helpful:
    She explains a lot of things that put extra strain on your liver, (e.g. which fats are good and which are bad) which I was unaware of, and I found that avoiding these things helped me. She suggests various "liver flush" drinks based on herbs etc and she tells you when/how to use them safely (i.e. not too often because they give your liver extra work).

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