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NY Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Homeopathist, Nutritionist, HEALER

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by ABCFS12, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. ABCFS12


    I wanted to pass along one of the most valuable referrals have come across in my cfs me journey. Dr. Steven Silverman is an expert in treating immune dysfunction, chronic lymes and many other neuroimmune disorders. He uses homeopathy based on kinesiology muscle testing. His treatment is unique and tailored for the specific pathogens that play a role in your disease. I have been to many doctors,specialists, experts etc and I can safely say the improvement I have seen in just two weeks with Dr. Silverman is nothing short of a miracle. The homeopathic treatments are working. Sometimes it is the doctors whos names aren't widely known who often have the ability to heal these tricky conditions. Dr. Silverman is well worth a visit to New York. After just two weeks I feel like I have a doctor on board who gets it and who's has the ability to heal. Any questions PM me
    Here is the link to his website

  2. Nielk


    Queens, NY
    Wow, it sounds impressive that you feel a difference in two weeks already!
    I live not too far from the office.
    Thanks for the refferal.

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