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Nutritional/Muscle Response Testing and CFS, My Story

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by EastTenn, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. EastTenn


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 51 year old male that has struggled with fatigue for 14 years, with the past seven years often being practically immobilizing. For the past two years, I have not been working but in recovery/healing using the constantly revising protocol provided by Nutrition Response Testing. Now after two years, today is the fifth day in a row that I have biked more than five miles. No post exertional fatigue! My brain is "feeling" like it is approaching normal. My body actually desires exercise!

    Five years ago after hearing doctors say there was nothing wrong with me except severe hypertension in spite of being barely capable of functioning, I made an appointment with a national "chain" that specializes in CFS. There I was diagnosed with CFS, and found to have multiple latent infections, including fungal, viral, and bacterial. Was placed on antibiotics, an antifungal, antivirals, as well as thyroid and other hormones and B vitamin and glutathione injections and multiple other medications (mostly for neural/"depression" conditions) as well as getting Myers Cocktails etc . The process to "get" better felt with that protocol like going through chemo, as my body seemed to resist and experienced a month of intense perspiration and total discomfort. Although I was checked for heavy metals in urine and blood prior to being placed on those protocols, those metal tests were negative.

    Although technically I was more capable of functioning, internally and especially my brain felt worse. It was if my body was a car that was not getting any oil for lubrication, yet the hormones and vitamins were revving my body up to a state it just wasn't capable of sustaining. My brain felt like it had become mummified, as my short term memory had just about become non-existent and my ability to sleep and be properly emotionally healthy were severely degraded. Knew that almost every organ in my body was severely limited in function, including my heart, liver, kidneys, intestinal track, bladder, pancreas etc. For a number of years, had taken all kinds of supplements to help those organs and my brain function and found many that worked. Had found that certain amino acids combinations and omega-3s were a god send to my brain. But none of that was working anymore. Merely existed for work, sleep, and ensuring that I had my supplements to function. Weekends were entirely for recovery: perhaps by Sunday evening I would have the energy to get ready for Monday morning.

    Two years ago, I took a lay off from work because I knew the only way I could possibly get better was to devote full time attention to getting better. (My work performance also wasn't anything that I wanted my name associated with either. What used to take 5 minutes was now much longer just due to mental fatigue.) Miraculously, immediately after quitting work, was put in touch with a local chiropractor that performs Nutritional Response Testing. (also called muscle response testing).

    Nutrition Response Testing tests the whole body as well as a specific organ, tissue, or function, and indicates the effect that energy, or the lack of energy, is having on the body. Using accupunture points, as well as standards for heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, fungals, viruses, and parasites, Nutrition Response can detect what is stressing each organ. Nutrition Response also matches the stressors with the natural antidote or nutrition that will correct the condition.

    Upon my first visit, for the first time I was diagnosed with mercury and nickel poisoning as the primary condition that was causing my illness. An herbal concoction of 8 different liquid herbals as well as a stabilizer (to prevent free mercury release in my digestive track) began my protocol. I was also given specific supplementation for my liver, kidney, heart, and there was also indication of bacteria in my sinuses.

    It took several months for the mercury and nickel to be removed from my body, but new layers of infection and stressors then began to show that my body could deal with properly (with help from supplements). The beauty of the Nutrition Response Testing is that only those stressors that the body can naturally eradicate with its own immune system or detoxification systems are done at any one time. The Nutritional Response Testing also reveals the proper dosing at any one time. Every person is different. No single CFS case is ever alike.

    After the "first layer" of mercury and nickel were found and removed, my body indicated that it could begin working to eradicate the bad bacteria and fungal groups within my intestinal tract. With a number of different probiotic strains (and some signficant dosing) over several months, my intestinal track was recolonized with good strains. It is very likely that my CFS resulted from my doctor prescribing tetracyline for acne for over one year while I was 17. The bad flora bioaccumulated any mercury and nickel coming into my body. My immune system could never fully function again with such bad actors in my gut as well as an increasing presence of mercury and nickel. Over the next 30+ years, sicknness and infections seem to come on with increasing regularity. Even in my 20's, I wondered why I couldn't recover "normally" like other people. Bu with the nickel and mercury gone, my immune system began to increasingly function normally.

    Over the course of the past two years, Nutrition Response Teast has diagnosed with at least 10 different bacterial infection areas (including the brain, and multiple problems in the kidneys, eyes, sinuses, intestinal track, bladder, pancreas, and ears), parasites in the intestinal track, liver, brain (probably T Gondii), eyes, ears, retroviruses, viruses, and fungal issues. In addition, subsequent layers of mercury was found in my lower back (explained a horrible sciatica incident from my 30's), in my kidneys (explained why my kidneys were "shrunk" and why I had horrible hypertension), in my eyes, and in my brain (found last - believe Hg ingress into my brain occurred while I was being treated with B12 and bioidentical thyroid hormones.) In addition, cadmium was found in my kidneys, antimony in my thyroid, and nickel, tin, palladium, and aluminum in my brain. All of those metals touch multiple months to be removed from my system, and the removal could not have been acheived simultaneously.

    In addition to the metals and immune challenges, Nutrition Response Testing also determined that wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and eggs were all causing major immulogical challenges. I had known for some time that wheat and dairy nearly incapacitated me (my brain felt like it became badly inflamed after eating those foods), the rest of those were somewhat a surprise. Just a small amount of wheat still incapacitates me - especially my brain - and Nutritional Response Testing indicates that even a minute level of wheat will temporarily block healing . What apparently also has happened is that my body stored the offending gluten peptides in my fat cells, and releases them later when less stressed. Currently, am on a variety of different enzymes at high doses (on an empty stomach) to cleanse my body of these stored "toxics".

    Perhaps the issue that surprised me most was the degree to which parasites were a problem with not only me, but with many people. With a suppressed immune system from mercury and iron, I was much more vulnerable than most to becoming infected with unwashed fruits and vegetables, or pets, or meat. Any person owning a pet likely has multiple parasites. We deworm dogs and cats, but we don't deworm ourselves. There are single cell parasites that can almost behave as bacteria. In my case, Ipil-Ipil, black walnut, wormwood, dates were all used to eradicate parasites, but the natural alternatives were only functional with the immune system gave it a window to begin the fight. Using natural anti-parasitical agents while the immune system could not launch an immune response would not have cause eradication.

    "Hence the French, according to Flegr, with their love of steak preparedsaignant—literally, “bleeding”—can have (T gondii ) infection rates as high as 55 percent. (Americans will be happy to hear that the parasite resides in far fewer of them, though a still substantial portion: 10 to 20 percent.) "

    Finally, there were a number of chemicals, fragrances, and pesticides that were stored in my body and inhibiting my wellness. I formerly worked in chemical and pesticide plants, so for nearly two months earlier this year while my body was strong enough to begin pesticide detoxification, neurologically I felt like I was going through a crisis almost every week, as every type of pesticide needed a separate protocol to help it safely maneuver through the liver, kidney, and colon. For a number of years, I have felt major effects from using non-natural personal products. Using conventional sun tan lotion would send me into a sick and delusional state for nearly two days. Those type chemicals had to come out and I believe some of them actually were resident in my brain, as after exposure my brain would be on fire and when they were being released went through the same experience.

    Typically, I get evaluated twice a week during a chemical detoxification period and once a week during a metal removal period. Typically am placed on a couple of new supplements each visit, and then every two weeks tested to determine what supplements can be removed. Typically, am on 20 to 30 supplements at any one time. If a condition is new (say a sinus condition has erupted), the effects of the supplementation is felt almost immediately. Typically, I need more sleep and rest after starting a new supplement, as the body is using all its energy to regenerate an organ to a higher energy condition. Many of the aches/discomforts I may be feeling simultaneously are all from the same condition. For example, the day before I was diagnosed with chromium and mercury in my brain, the left fingers in my hand were feeling numb, my right foot arch was very sore, my right shoulder was sore, and my upper back was in excruciating pain. All of those were found to be related to the chromium and mercury and began to disappear once the supplement was taken.

    Fatigue is the way our bodies tell us it absolutely must slow down and listen to it. In my view, artificially injecting hormones and vitamins into our bodies to speed it up may seem prudent, but it is the very opposite that our bodies our asking of us. Our organs and lifeblood are practically yelling that something is seriously amiss. The autonomic nervous system was created in part to be each person's diagnostic system for health. Interaction of our body with the foods of creation can provide the wisdom to restore our health. Step by step using the wisdom of the body, I believe full healing can occur - not just to me, but all those suffering from this horrible CFS condition.

    He restores my strength.
    He leads me on right paths to show that he is good.
    4 Even if I walk through a valley as dark as the grave,
    I will not be afraid of any danger, because you are with me.
    Your rod and staff comfort me.
    5 You prepared a meal for me in front of my enemies.
    You welcomed me as an honored guest.
    My cup is full and spilling over.
    6 Your goodness and mercy will be with me all my life,
    and I will live in the LORD’S house a long, long time.
  2. ggingues

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    Concord, NH
    Welcome to the forum, will have to read this later.

  3. xrunner

    xrunner Senior Member

    Eastten, welcome!
    It's always nice to hear from somebody who had a positive healing experience.
    I just looked NRT up, as I wasn't sure what that was, and I assume you were referring to as demonstrated in this video? I found it fascinating.

    I saw a kinesiologist who worked in a similar way. She was great and could pick up things from tests she hadn't seen.
    But from there to actually getting better on supplements was a wholly different thing. I followed the programme for about three months but could not see much change and being quite impatient I changed direction. I found Naet more helpful as support treatment.
    I did some mercury detox but could not see results. I got better instead with the Cutler chelation protocol.
    I agree with your view on parasites, and I would add that they are smarter, more evolved and possibly damaging than bacteria or viruses. However, I haven't found natural remedies effective at all. I got results only with antiparasitic meds.
  4. EastTenn


    The Nutrition Response techniques developed by Ulan shown in that video are much better suited to a comprehensive disease condition than some of the other nutrition/muscle response methods pioneered earlier. The chiropractor where I go has essentially converted his entire practice to Nutrition Response therapies using the Ulan methods. It's now getting very difficult to get an appointment. There are CFS people at the clinic that state they have been healed fully, but they are generally younger than me and were not as severe of a condition when they started.

    The general rule of thumb I've been told is that it takes one month of therapy under this method to go back one year in health. Essentially, the roots of my ill health began at 17 with antibiotics, so essentially it will take 35 months to regain my health. I'm currently in the 27th month.

    It took four months just to remove the initial layer of mercury and nickel, which was concentrated in my feet and ankles (there were red spots on my ankles and lower feet that were tell-tale signs of mercury poisoning - showed my doctors but every single one dismissed that sympton - had earlier looked googled that sympton, but had typed in pink spots instead of red spots and didn't find the proper hit). After that, the subsequent layers of mercury in the kidneys didn't show up for one year later, mercury in my eyes didn't show up until 20 months later, and mercury in my brain didn't show up until last month. The kidneys, eyes, and brain all have more protection than other organs with membranes, so likely these organs were protected for a long time, but once penetrated, the mercury and nickel are even harder to removed.

    For the first two years of this therapy, honestly, I did not feel better and actually needed to rest much more than I even did before. But some of the immediate responses are what sold me: scalp conditions would see practically immediate relief, gall bladder no longer blocking bile, change in bowel movements, the list would go on and on. After the main pool of mercury was gone, it took many months of probiotic supplementation (as well as other intestinal supplements like choline, minerals, okra pepsin, and a host of other products) to get my intestinal track to no longer test for fungal overgrowth. If the candida hadn't been removed from my gut, then the mercury and other heavy metals would have just continued to bioaccummulate.

    What I especially like about this method is that our body can tell us when to use a supplement, how much is needed, and when to stop using it. For example, for the past two months was on four omega-3 / day, but just recently my body "said" it was no longer necessary. Now it really desires traces minerals and brain rebuilding aminos. There have been other waves where it needed massive amounts of chlorides, general minerals, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, B6, sesame seed oil, etc, but right now my body is saying my diet provides those in the quantities needed.

    Although this protocol is costing me about $1000-$1500 a month (includes visits and supplementation), I was paying about half of that just on my own supplementation. Plus I was on multiple prescriptions (four for hypertension alone) and now am down to just one hypertension prescription.

    Used to believe that there was a "magic bullet" that would cure CFS. After going through this protocol, now believe that CFS is just a terribly complex problem that is different for every individual suffering from it. Our bodies' autonomic nervous system has the knowledge to lead us out of this CFS wilderness, step by step, day by day.
  5. EastTenn


    Prior to starting therapy via Nutrition Response Testing, was on approximatley 30 supplements mostly determined by trial and error plus MD prescribe hormones, pharmaceuticals, B12 shots, protein/vitamin powder etc. What was difficult to was the necessary dosing should be and when or if the supplements should be dropped. Nutrition Response answered both quesitons, without any trail and error.

    Over two years of Nutrition Response Testing yielded nearly 100 different supplements that that my body needed at different windows healing. Here's a relatively comprehensive list (may be missing a few supplements) of what my body has needed for healing since treatment started by this method. Most of the supplements were needed for a window of time and then no longer found to be useful. Some, particularly anti-bacterial, anti-parasite, liver restoration, and metal/insecticide removal herbals were used multiple times. Was typically on 20-25 supplements plus 3-8 types of liquid drops

    Standard Process supplements (whole food supplements)

    AC Carbamide (for membrane cleaning of kidneys and eyes)
    AF Betaford (for digestive system)
    Albaplex (mostly for kidneys)
    Antronex (mostly for removal of bacterial toxins, perhaps most commonly used during treatment)
    Arginex (mostly for kidney cleanses)
    Astralagus Complex (sinuses)
    Albizia Complex (sinuses)
    Betaine HCl (digestion)
    B6-Niacinamide (sleep restoration)
    Cardiotrophin (heart)
    Cardio Plus (heart)
    Calcium Lactate
    Cal-Amo (CaCl2)
    Cataplex A
    Cataplex AC
    Cataplex B
    Cataplex B12
    Cataplex C
    Cataplex F
    Cataplex GTF
    Cataplex G
    Chelaco (Nickel removal from eye)
    Congaplex (anti-bacterial)
    Cruciferous complex (liver)
    Cyruta (circulation)
    Cyruta Plus (circulation plus anti-viral)
    Dermatrophin (skin regeneration)
    E-Manganese (restoration of hypothalmus- pineal-adrenal axis)
    HiPep (Digestive)
    Immuplex (anti-viral and anti-retroviral)
    Lactic Acid Yeast (anti-candida)
    Magnesium Lactate
    Mintran (minerals)
    Minchex (minerals to brain)
    Okra Pepsin E3 (lining of intestinal track)
    Organically Bound Minerals
    Prosynbiotic (food for probiotics)
    Protefood (brain)
    Prostaco (prostate)
    Renafood (kidney)
    Renatrophin (kidner)
    Ribonucleic Acid
    Sesame See Oil
    Spanish Black Radish (helps clear toxins while immune system fights bacteria)
    Spleen Desicated
    SP Cleanse (Liver)
    St John's Wort 1.8
    Trace Minerals-B12
    Tuna Oil
    Vitanox (brain "cleaner")
    Wormwood comlex (anti-parasite)
    Wheat Germ Oil (oitment for "healing" scars that interfer with body's external skin energy)
    Zymex Wafers (anti-fungal, anti-parasite)
    Zymex capsules
    Zymex II (anti-parasite)
    Zypan (digestive)

    Systemic Formula (supplements)

    GOLD (anti-bacterial)
    VIVI (anti-viral)
    L (Liver)
    Lb (bile flow)
    K (Kidney)
    4- FungDX
    5 - Stabilizer (anti-viral, anti-retroviral)
    3- Bactrex
    P (Pancreas)
    Ds (Digestive)
    VRM3 (anti-parasytic)
    CVRM3 (ear drops)
    Gf (Thyroid)

    Nestmann Pharma (herbal drops - these did most of the heavy lifting for removal of metals, chemicals, and insecticides)

    Scolopendrium (spleen)
    Pulmonest (lung)
    Hepatica (liver)
    Lymphonest (lymph nodes)
    Cholenest (gall bladder)

    Allegany Nutrition (enzymes)

    Natto LP (nattokinaze)
    HP90V (digestive and systemic enzymes)
    MF90 (")
    AL90 (")

    energetix (homeopathics)

    Bacteria Chord (seemed to remove a "sheet" of bacteria around my brain)
    Vaccin-chord (sprays)

    MetalFree (removed mercury and chromium from brain)
    Body Detox (removed certain insecticides)

    Jarrow Formulas (probiotics)

    Jarro Dophilus
    Jarro EPS

    Natures Balance (herbals)

    Chorella (removed mercury from eye)
    Cilantro extract drops (ensured mercury at liver was eliminated through colon)

    Protexin (probiotic)


    HVS Labs (homeopathic)

    Detoxoside - chemicals
    Detoxoside - bacteria
    Detoxoside - organics
    Detoxoside - radiation
    Bioside Support

    Int Nutrition (aminos)

    Master Pattern Aminos

    Omega-Brite EPA/DHA

    Most of these have long been gone from my regimen. Generally, the effects of the organ-specific or bacteria-specific supplements could be felt within a day or two. Homeopathics, herbals, and "trophin" rebuilding supplements generally were in my regimen longer.

    The wide variety of supplements, their dosing, and regular suspension of supplements that the body is no longer responsive towards all combine to make Nutrition Response Testing an incredibly dynamic and individualized treatment. Removing metals, viral, retro-viral, fungal, bacterial, and parasite infestations can all be done with natural supplements and with the restoration of the immune system . I really don't understand how conventional medicine could have restored my health to the level I'm experiencing.
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  6. u&iraok

    u&iraok Senior Member

    Thanks for the awesome story! Great info on metals and toxins. I'm very interested in your Standard Process supplements. I've used them for the endocrine system and immune system which led me to research ME/CFS's effect on the organs. I was shocked to discover how many systems and organs are effected. I recently and a few years ago have had a dramatic response to Immuplex which has PMGs from liver, spleen and thymus. I felt like singing, how much the Immuplex helped. I researched the spleen and see how that is affected by CFS which led me to the other organs which included info from autopsies on people with CFS. I'm excited to try some of the other formulations and will look into the other supplements you listed. It's shocking how many supplements we need for this disease--that has been my experience.

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