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Nutreval test results - getting feedback

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by Joy117, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Joy117


    I am new to this forum and very pleased to have found it. I recently received my Nutreval results. Also, I've been on an elimination diet for 4 weeks. I appreciate thoughts on the Nutreval results, as many of you have a lot of experience with this test. I'm also going to do a three day stool test through Genova Labs and am getting a wide variety of tests done, as part of a physical. I've had thyroid cancer in the past, but am considered to be cured of it. My Nutreval results are the following:

    B1: 0
    B2: 3
    Succinic Acid H

    B3: 3
    Succinic Acid H

    Folic Acid: 8
    Formiminoglutamic Acid H

    B6: 0
    Formiminoglutamic Acid H

    Vit. A, E, B-Carotene: 7
    Lipid Peroxides N/H, Taurine H

    Vitamin C: 0

    CoQ-10: 2
    Succinic Acide H

    Lipoic Acid: 3
    Lipid Peroxides N/H

    Glutathione: 1
    Lipid Peroxides N/H

    Copper: 4
    Homovanillic Acid H

    Iron: 0

    Magnesium: 6
    Ethanolamine >8x PPE
    Taurine H

    Manganese: 0

    Molybdenum: 3

    Zinc: 0


    Branched-Chain Amino Acids: 0
    Essential Fat Imbalance: 2
    Omega 6 DGLA: L
    Omega 6 LA: L

    GI Dysfunctions:

    Protein Malabsorption/ Maldigestion: 7
    Bacterial Dysbiosis: 9
    Yeast/Fungal Dysbiosis: 3
    Nitrogen Balance: 0

    Detoxification Dysfunction:
    Detoxification Impairment: 7
    Taurine: H
    Urea: L

    Impaired Methylation: 3
    Formiminglutamic Acid: H

    Oxidative Stress: 8
    Lipid Peroxides: N/H
    Taurine: H

    Toxic Exposure: 0

    Disease Risk

    Mitochondrial Dysfunction/Fatigue: 4
    Formininoglutamic Acid: H
    Succnic Acid: H

    Neurotransmitter Imbalance: 7
    Alanine: L
    Dihydroxyphenylpropionic Acid: H
    Homovanillic Acid: H

    In my blood test my serum sodium was 132 and my serum chloride was 96. My calcium was 8.6 and my UIBC was 118. My Vitamin D was 31.1 and my Magnesium was 3.3. Everything else was normal.

    Thank you again to anyone who responds with their thoughts and experience.

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