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Can You Come for a Visit? My ME/CFS Says No
My daughter and son-in-law just had a baby last week. We are thrilled. But we won't be able to see the baby or hold her any time soon. We won't be able to take over little gifts or help out with housework or babysitting.
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Non CFS news item on a virus misdiagnoses

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by taniaaust1, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. taniaaust1


    Sth Australia
  2. jewel

    jewel Senior Member

    Truly horrific!
  3. floydguy

    floydguy Senior Member

    I think this a great example of problems in the way doctors diagnose. I've heard doctors recite the phrase when in New York and you hear hoof beats, think horse, not zebra. Sort of the 80/20 rule. The problem is that with "Doctor Think" that 20% of patients are not diagnosed properly and there are few mechanisms for them to be diagnosed until a catastrophic event takes place...more often than they want to admit those hoof beats in Central Park are zebras not horses.
  4. serenity

    serenity Senior Member

    awful, i am not surprised. recently my aunt had a brain tumor removed after being told her headaches were due to stress. it wasn't until she began talking gibberish & fainted that she was given an MRI that detected the tumor that had to be removed immediately.
  5. Otis

    Otis SeƱor Mumbler


    I hope things work out for your aunt. I had a close friend and co-worker who died of brain tumor 20 years ago. By the time they found it the operation bought him time but not much quality of life. He left behind a wife and infant son who never got to know how warm, loving and funny his dad was.

    When he was going through the "diagnostic" process he was recounting his response to his Dr.'s question if he had any stress. He said "Like being fired, starting my own company, having my wife on bed-rest for her pregnancy, having a new-born... (I'm forgetting a couple)", and the Dr. replied "Yes, like any of those" to which he replied "No, I meant all of those." I'm pretty sure that computer monitors used for computer main-frame systems from the 70-80s emitted huge doses of radiation - other people we worked with also got brain tumors.

    We can have stress or other mitigating factors and still have the worst-case scenario. "Do no harm" should be "Make damn sure you do no harm by doing nothing, or doing it too slowly". Not in today's health-care environment, I'm afraid.

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