Looking Ahead to Change: Little by Little
I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I don't think I ever really did, but the last decade or two would have been enough to stifle that impulse. I've just been too aware that I don't have that much control over what happens in my life.
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Noam Chomsky (documentary/analysis on the media)

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by markmc20001, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    Manufacturing consent:

    Free documentary/analysis on Hulu by Noam Chomsky about the media. It's long but well done I thought.


    amazon book for those that prefer to read, instead of television:

  2. Not really a surprise :/

    See Megrahi and the utter one-sided garbage the US media have been feeding about him for years to the US public, so when US folk were asking me WTF my country was up to, I had to show them the facts.

    Beyond any other reasons, the big one the Scottish government let him go free was because his second appeal was going to blow up in everyone's faces
    So, releasing him prevented the risk of a wrongly jailed man dying in a Scottish jail (and the resulting ****storm)
    Prevented it exposing the ugly facts the USA had at best, made a very ugly botch of the gathering the evidence, if not outright tampering for a "frame".

    Just os folk get this, I actually know the folk & town of Lockerbie, used to do weekend shopping there before the bombing, 170 victims were American, 100 were not, 11 on the ground were killed, it was like a napalm strike :/
    I want the sods, whoever they are, caught and given an honest, fair trial. It's not about revenge but the rule of law and justice.

    And several of those involved with the prosecution have stated in past couple of years they'd never have allowed Megrahi to come to trial, never mind be prosecuted if they had know the truth about the FBI/CIA evidence.

    Gadaffi's a psycho, but sitll no excuse to pervert the rule of law for political ends, ESPECIALLY when it's let the real murderers get away.
    It was almost certainly Iran, not Libya, for those who have been misled by their media.


    Pilger's one of the few folk for ecades who exposed the garbage that's been going on.
  3. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    Thanks. I'll see if I can find a good video on that.

    Did you watch the video? It's free on Hulu. No special software required.
  4. Mark
    can only watch Hulu if you are in the USA :/
    same as Americans can't watch a lot of BBC videos online, sigh, so silly that pettiness of legal/copyright silliness :(

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