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new to board. question on methyl folate and skin lesions

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by gerardcannon1977, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. gerardcannon1977


    Hi all, I've seen some references from someone named Fred on folic acid producing skin lesions and malaise in people with mthfr problems. I have been tested and do for sure have mthfr problems. I certainly get skin lesions on my scalp and malaise with folic acid, but I also get them with methyl folate. Anyone have any idea why?

    Six months ago my b12 was 378. After giving myself methyl b12 injections my b12 two months ago was 670 and my folate was 4.5

    Is there any other folate that I could possibly tolerate. I've read on the "quartet" and have been trying to address it with b12 methyl injections and adocbl oral supplements. I've also started glutathione injections as well.
    I've had cfs for most of my life, but mine has been tolerable. I didn't lose any jobs or anything like that. I do get heart palpitations and irritable if I eat any of a long list of foods that I have sensitivities too and quality sleep is a distant memory from 15 years ago. Off and on depression etc... Lots of fatigue.

    Thanks for any help!!!


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